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Best Mykonos Beaches: To Each His Own

Mykonos beaches (and Greek beaches in general) attract many travellers charmed by its scenery, blue domes, the mills and alleys filled with shops and taverns…..

When summer calls some respond by choosing mountains or big cities as travel destination others choose to relax at the beach or to enjoy islands. I love islands and Greece is one of my favourite travel destinations.

, Best Mykonos Beaches: To Each His Own

Today I’m going to give you some advice about Mykonos beaches and about how to choose the right beach for you.

Now Mykonos is literally overrun by tourists and its beaches are often crowded.

I visited Mykonos twice, in August, because I only could travel in this period and then in September.

The best period to visit Mykonos and also other summer destinations is late June, early July and September.

You can really enjoy Mykonos and its beauty without stress. Mykonos beaches all have different characteristics and if they fit certain personality types they are not for others.

So if you are planning to visit Mykonos follow this guide on which beach to choose according to your personality type.

, Best Mykonos Beaches: To Each His Own


This beach is located in the western part of Mykonos in front of Island of Delos (don’t miss a boat trip to visit this beautiful island, which is a sacred site of Ancient Greece) and the island of Rheina after Ornos and Korfos bays. Agios Ioannis has been the set of an award-winning 1989 British romantic comedy-drama: Shirley Valentine. The story is about an English frustrated housewife who goes to Greece with a friend, living a unique experience and starting a new life.

This beach has white sand and it is amazing to enjoy the sunsets. I always love listening to music at sunset, here are my favourite songs for sunset. It is the ideal beach for travelers with a romantic soul. It is surrounded by hills, waters are calm and not so deep, this is why it is also nice for families. There are traditional taverns just a few steps from the sea.

, Best Mykonos Beaches: To Each His Own


It is a secluded, wild and dream beach, away from noise, just a short walk from Agios Ioannis. The sand is fine and the beach is sheltered from the wind. It is not equipped (so bring a sun umbrella) and it is not easy to reach because there is a descent among the rocks and you have to overcome a steep wall before you get to it, but it is worth! It is not for disabled people. You can park at the church of Agios Ioannis. It is suitable for families. Be careful with waves that sometimes invade the beach for about a third. Kapari beach is lovely for people who love solitude.

, Best Mykonos Beaches: To Each His Own 


If you want to stay near Chora this beach is for you. It is a small beach. Waters are clean although very close to the port. There are much nicer beaches on the island, but for those who stay in Agios this beach is easily accessible. There are many restaurants near Agios Stefanos. So it is ideal for lazy travellers. Ph. credit mykonosgreece.net.

, Best Mykonos Beaches: To Each His Own


It is located in the north coast of Mykonos and it is one of the sheltered bays. Many Greeks choose it for picnics and the nearby tavern brought yummy food directly to the beach. The sand is fine and its dunes give it a wild charm. Its charm lies in wading pools created by the rocks at the entrance of the beach. It is not equipped. You can find nudists on the right side of the beach. There is no public transport to get to Panormos but you can reach it only by car, scooter or by taxi.

, Best Mykonos Beaches: To Each His Own


It is a little bay just close to Panormos beach. It is a quiet beach, frequented mostly by Greeks. Clean emerald green waters, lovely landscape. Sometimes windy days can be annoying but Agios Sostis is protected from the wind. I recommend this beach for those who want to escape from crowds and noise. Go early in the morning. It is not equipped and it is not accessible by public transport. I love pristine beaches and here I enjoyed beautiful sunsrises. There is also a small tavern and in the distance the church Agios Sostis in greek style.

, Best Mykonos Beaches: To Each His Own


This is another wild beach located in the northern part of Mykonos. Not all travellers know it because it still retains a wild charm. The sand is fine and it is not equipped. It is ideal for those who enjoy deep water and for surfers. You can reach Fokos by car, scooter or taxi. It is just before the hidden and unknown Mersini bay.

, Best Mykonos Beaches: To Each His Own


It is the largest beach of Mykonos, only 10 km from Mykonos. Well equipped, crystal waters and it is protected from wind. It is also ideal for families. The sand is quite fine. It is a bit expensive because I paid approximately €30 for 2 sun deck chairs and 1 sun umbrella. Also the restaurants are expensive. It is not crowded.

, Best Mykonos Beaches: To Each His Own


I love this beach. The sand is fine and golden with some stretch of pebbles. It is easily accessible by foot, by car or bus from Mykonos or by gulet from Agrari. The beach is only 3 km from the village of Ano Mera and a little over 10 kilometers from Chora. You pay €18 for 2 sun deck chairs and a sun umbrella. The scenery is very impressive and the beach is well equipped, quiet, with a convenient parking. At the end of the bay there is an area for gays and nudists. Elia is also loved by celebrities.

, Best Mykonos Beaches: To Each His Own


This golden sandy beach is located in a bay surrounded by hills and has several beach bars. It is 6 kilometers from Mykonos and it is famous for its nightlife and parties that take place every day from 17. There are many young people. It is ideal for fashionistas and lovers of worldliness and fun. You could choose it to enjoy an aperitif. It is not for those seeking peace, indeed. The view is breathtaking, so I recommend a visit only to appreciate the scenery, if you don’t want to join parties. The Jackie’O is a local swimming pool with a beautiful panoramic sea. On the right side of the beach there is an area for gays, the rest of the beach is literally flooded with young people. The Super Paradise Beach is also open to nudity.

, Best Mykonos Beaches: To Each His Own


This beach, together with Super Paradise beach, is also very popular and suitable for young travellers who love parties. When I visited it I unfortunately noticed a proliferation of camping that, in my opinion, has a bit ruined its beauty.

, Best Mykonos Beaches: To Each His Own


This beach is frequented by all types of travellers and it is therefore suitable for families. Water is clear and turquoise. There are some rocks that form natural pools and trees on the sides that give a pleasant shade during hot days. This beach is nice and safe for children because the sea shore is not very deep. You can get to Paradise beach from here, just walking for 10 minutes along the path.

, Best Mykonos Beaches: To Each His Own


This is an equipped beach but literally full of Greeks who book in advance sun umbrellas and sun deck chairs. It is only 2 km from the picturesque village of Platys Gialos. The beach is very elegant. There are luxury hotels, chic bars and restaurants that attract even celebrities. Go early in the morning, before 10 if you want to find some space. It is a white sandy beach sheltered from the wind. Nice for water sports lovers.

As you can see Mykonos beaches are very different and not all are ideal for your personality type.

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