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They change all the State for supervisors, licenses and transfers

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The up and down the state with number of settings that give training bonus 100.000 officials high school graduates to pursue a Section position,…..

increase beneficiaries and parental and educational leave days and allow more detachments-transfers for health reasons, but also easier to recruit members of families with three children and for people with disabilities.

The settings are as instructions to all public services in the Administrative Circular Reconstruction Minister Marilisa Xenogiannakopoulou.

Η εγκύκλιος είναι εφαρµοστική του νόµου 4590/2019 (Α΄ 17)

«Ενδυνάμωση Ανώτατου Συμβουλίου Επιλογής Προσωπικού (ASEP), strengthening and upgrading of Public Administration and other provisions ", recently passed.

Provisions of Circular, in conjunction with what has clarified the ministry, leading to a new reality for many employees, as provided:

Administrative Proficiency Certificate They may take employees AL (highschool graduates), watching distance training programs that will organize the National Center of Public Administration.

These officials, about 100.000, They had the right to claim one of the 5.000 Head positions in the Public, but they succeeded with great difficulty due to lack of qualifications. Besides, They were the first who entered the targeted layoffs, as happened in the interval 2012- 2014. Obtaining the Administrative Sufficiency Certificate will earn 30 molecules and more likely to take up positions of responsibility. priority The measure will apply to workers in the AL Government.

Granting three months child care leave not only to natural, but also to adoptive or foster parents, and parents who have had children through surrogate mother. Using the license can now make and father, regardless of how acquired child.

Increase license days in case of illness of children: From five to seven working days’ Year triteknous employees, Six to eight days for lone parents and from five to ten days for Families.

increase 14 days the number of working days’ year license exam, when the employee monitors training program. right to use, other than permanent, They have the private law of indefinite time employees.

Posting or transfer officer for particularly serious reasons not only the same or family, and the person cohabit with him.

To coexistence pact to allow the employee posting for joint service in the same area, which applied until now only for spouses. If the spouse or employee is compatible with fixed-term employment relationship, the period of posting does not exceed this time.

Employees who are not permanent but indefinite private law can participate in covering permanent positions permanent staff through mobility, where no such requests servants or applicants do not meet the required qualifications. The employee transferred to a personal position with private law employment relationship, which is automatically deleted by the official left.

Remove the age of 45 years was for staff participation in postgraduate courses.

Prediction favorable provisions for the recruitment of people with hearing loss or deafness, and members of families with three children. Endeiktika, provided that people with deafness or hearing disability rate 50% and over holding a certificate of competence sign language, recruited without requiring proof of foreign language, unless knowledge of the set as required qualification.

Own motion control from service for potential obstacle appointment. Such an impediment may be the dismissal of the State because imposition of the disciplinary penalty of final dismissal or termination of contract for good reason, due to the fault of the employee, if not passed five years from dismissal. Under the new rules "for determining the above appointment impediment affidavit submitted by the interested party, the true scope of which is controlled automatically by the competent service appointment, based on the data held in the Greek government Census Register ".

Ταυτόχρονα, new amendment tabled by M.. Xenogiannakopoulou reinforced the popular institution of Citizen Service Centers (ADS) and for the first time created a special department to serve the disabled. as told, Minister recruitment directly promoted 155 people with digital skills, while in the open invitation to the ASEP procedures experience and seniority will be recognized.

To serve people with first sight and hearing problems can be hired for certain positions public employees with necessary qualification certified knowledge Braille writing and Greek Sign Language.


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