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Direct auctioning port project in Milos, budget € 3,6 million., by Region N. Aegean

The port project in Pollonia Milos region, budget € 3,6 million.,  auctioned directly by Region South Aegean

This is an extremely important infrastructure project, no only for Apple but for neighboring Kimolos

Under the Regional Authority programming projects and interventions aimed at upgrading and improving port infrastructure on the islands of South Aegean, the Region, George Hadjimarkos, signed the contract notice for the execution of the project "Construction Coast Project in Pollonia area N. Milos', tender budget € 3,639,400.00 (with VAT).

This is an extremely important task, both the Milos, and to Kimolos, for auctioning which, The Region said: "A project that much tortured in the past,  He got it his way. Kimolos, perhaps expecting more from the very Apple, It will improve transport conditions of the small Kimolos. We put goals and only move forward ".

The project involves the construction of two piers 51 measures each, of artificial boulders in the bay of Milos Pollonia, where is it the NE corner of the island, opposite the island of Kimolos. In between the two piers, the area shielded by natural boulders quarry origin. In these piers created ships mooring posts and smaller floating small boarding height. The port project is estimated two positions ferry boats, length 60 – 65 meters and width 20 measures about, each.

Operator of the project is the Directorate of Technical works Cyclades, the South Aegean Region and the execution deadline be twelve (12) months from the signing of the contract with the contractor. Funded through the Public Investment Program (PIP) of region.

The deadline for electronic submission of tenders expires at 26/2/2019, Tuesday at 10:00 a.m.

Electronic opening of tenders will take place on 05.03.2019 , Tuesday time 10:00 a.m. by the Directorate of Technical Works Cyclades, in Syros.

The Interested parties wishing to participate in the competition, they have free, full, direct and free electronic access to the contract documents to the expert, publicly accessible, place “ηλεκτρονικοί διαγωνισμοίτης πύλης www.promitheus.gov.gr, and in the Region of South Aegean website at http://www.pnai.gov.gr.

The Tenders submitted by interested parties online, through the portal www.promitheus.gov.gr the ESIDIS, than the closing date and time stated above, electronically file subsystem.

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