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the application platform A21 opens today for child allowance 2019

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Από σήμερα το απόγευμα θα είναι διαθέσιμη η ηλεκτρονική πλατφόρμα Α21 για το επίδομα παιδιού για τις πρώτες αιτήσεις του 2019,……

announced the Agency Welfare Benefits and Welfare (OPEC).

The amounts of the first two months ranging from 56 euro up to 1.400 euro depending on income, actual or imputed, and depending on the number of children who will be declared in the application year A21 2019.

A21 Application for child benefit by Thursday afternoon 7 March until Tuesday 26 Of March must necessarily make some 980.000 beneficiaries in order to pay the sums allocated for the first two months (January - February) of 2019.

The amounts of the first two months ranging from 56 euro up to 1.400 euro depending on income, actual or imputed, and depending on the number of children who will be declared in the application year A21 2019.

To fully inform the beneficiaries present a detailed guide 23 points to the new form A21, and all information, amounts and what changes are required this year to get the benefit of 2019 to 980.000 beneficiaries.

The two key points are that, to determine the amounts of the first two months:

* The number of children and groups that complete the first two months shall be entered in the new application A21 (submitted by 7 as 26 Of March).

* The income which will take account of the amount of the allowance, combined with the number of children, it will be declared by 980.000 beneficiaries, the 2018, and will not take any further action on their part.

first application

Last year, first they paid the allowance and then became the tax declaration and application A21.

This year the first two months will only be given if an application by A21 7 as 26 Of March, while the next payment will also require submission of tax return.

Those not prevent or fail to make the online application A21, the period 7 as 26 March set by OPEC, will stay off payment.

They will not however lose the bonus, but will retroactively take if eligible, with the next payment of the second two months (March - April), expected to be made after the 20 May. Caution, Nevertheless, because the payment of the allowance for the second and following two months, except A21 beneficiaries must have submitted and the year's tax return. If you do that only after the application 26 Of March, no tax return, until early May, then they will stay off payment and will wait for the third two months to get the sums right.

If the state increased revenues 2019, or if taxed items higher than their real income, then scale will change and they will get less benefit. Automatically change will retroactively come, that will reduce the amounts of the first two months, which will either be offset against the payment of the second two months, or even some will be forced to return if cut that income from child allowance for 2019.

Application A21 complement everyone who took last year allowance. For new parents who have a child by 1/1/2019, allowance provided for payment of the first two months, so apply A21. Those who had children from 1/2/2019, They will not now get, but the second two months, because the allowance paid by the first month following the birth of a child, ie those who have a baby in February is the payment of two months March - April.

the SOS

Details of the driver 23 Points bonus, with OPEC data, as follows:

1. The electronic platform A21 will be available from the afternoon of Thursday, 7 Of March, through the OPEC website (www.opeka.gr) and IDIKA (www.idika.gr).

2. Admission will be by use of personal passwords beneficiary TAXISnet.

3. Families can submit the application A21 although they would not have made this year's statement tax year income tax 2018 (form E1).

4. The first bi-monthly dose of 2019 (for January and February) will be made in late March, All those who would have applied until 26 Of March.

5. For dosing the first two months 2019 will take into account the total family or imputed income tax return last year (2018).

6. The entitled amount will be calculated on the basis of dependent children who will be declared this year at the A21 2019.

7. To benefit granted the request must be submitted and finally approved.

8. Request stored temporarily considered not presented and is ignored.

9. Applications that are attached documents, approval only after checking of documents by officials of OPEC and then follow the payment.

10. The SSN of all members of the family recorded in the Application A21 must be valid and stakeholders have the opportunity to check the validity of SSN directly online at http://www.amka.gr.

11. Immediately after release of the first dose for 2019, The platform will be activated again for new applications.

12. The amounts authorized to be paid retroactively for 2019 when and if the beneficiaries submit their application A21 up 15/1/2020, as was done last year.

13. After the submission of the tax return 2019 or amending this, the allowance is automatically recalculated based on the new income and does not require submission of new application A21.

14. If the beneficiary received a different amount of this allowance is entitled, then this is offset by the amount of the next payment.

15. A21 Applications for child allowance 2019 They will constantly undergoing -as last year- until 15 January 2020.

16. The child allowance for 2019 will receive family strengthening anytime during the year (or early 2020) after apply A21 and tax return 2019.

17. The students of the Postgraduate and other public schools should have student cards (fold) into force upon application of the parent.

18. Students in metengrafisan 2019 They must have additional available number of academic identity (Pass) they had before their transfer. If that is not available, They will be invited to enclose the electronics A21 first registration certificate.

19. For dependent children year 2019 They are 19 years (year of birth 2000) and secondary school students (exercises, schools EPAS, EPAL etc.) beneficiaries must register, the relevant fields of application, student identification number, and the identification number of school attendance. In cases where the reported figures do not intersect as to their accuracy, will request the electronic attachment recent (edition in 2019) certificate of study in the application A21.

20. Dependent children over 18 who are students of IEK (private-public), colleges or students of higher education that are not academic identity (fold), such as theater schools, dance etc.. or students of recognized institutions abroad or students of post-secondary year-class apprenticeship EPAL, They must have current certificates of study (be issued in 2019) from schools their studies. In cases where the reported figures do not intersect as to their accuracy, will request the electronic tag or registration details of the certificate in application A21. The certificates institutions abroad must be legally translated.

21. Where estranged parents claiming both, for the same children, the child allowance, mandatory electronic tag of the judgment or any private custody of the children or affirmation setting agreement of the other parent or electronic consent of the other spouse.

22. In the case of divorced parents is compulsory indication of the judgment and if claiming both, for the same dependent children, the child allowance, It will be mandatory to attach the judgment awarding custody.

23. Foreign nationals or expatriates who have Special Identity Card must have valid residence permits. If the licenses do not intersect, asked to attach the electronic.

income criteria

The child allowance is paid:

* With a child, for income up 26.250 euro.

* With two children, for profits up 30.000 euro.

* With three children, for profits up 33.750 euro.

* With four children, for profits up 37.500 euro.

* With five children, for profits up 41.250 euro.

* With six children, for profits up 45.000 euro.


Family of four with two minor children taxed the 2018 for imputed income 13.500 euro, while it is declared 12.000 euro, gets bonus 84 per month for both children based on imputed income 13.500 euro. If taken into account the real income of 12.000 euro, would take 140 per month for both children.

Stop payment due and aging studies

According to OPEC, as children caught maturity date of December 31st of the year who complete 18 years of age. For example, if a family has a child who closes 18 in February 2019 and not studying, then the bonus will be paid to stop 31 December 2019, which is considered the date of interruption due to adulthood and will not be paid the sixth two months allowance (November - December 2019).

The same will happen with beneficiaries who have children studying and academic year of study is the end 2019. If normal studies completed in 2019, then they get all doses except the last (6st two months 2019), because as year end study obtained the end of 2019.

However, if at the end of the study child has not attained 24 years, then the payment allowance continues until 24 years.

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