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patents driving: New five-day abstinence of examiners – In the "air" the candidates exam guides

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In five days of abstinence is on Monday 18 February until the 22 February the Federation of Greek Regions Elected Officials (OSYAPE), resulting in the air tests of candidate drivers…..

the Board. the OSYAPE, taking into account the continuation of the same situation, as reflected in the bill tabled after months of the Infrastructure and Transport Minister, which does not take into account any position, sometimes our proposal, issued under the authority of the General Council of the Federation and in accordance with the powers under Articles 13 and 17 the statutes, new five-day abstinence from the work of the drivers and guides exam candidates, from 18/2/2019 until 22/2/2019, whether they planned within, or outside working hours.

Any decisions prefects for examinations within working hours not only not solve the real problems, but instruct employees and services and new.

The ABSTAIN concerns all employees of regions, which is integrated in the registers screening candidate drivers and hence are covered by the union OSYAPE, which according to Articles 2, 3 and 4 the statute of members is the Associations of Local Authorities officials bGrade and organizes and directs races, for securing and expanding the achievements of those who serve in the country's regions.

This decision takes into account that the Infrastructure and Transport Minister filed after months of a bill, which does not take into account any position, sometimes our proposal, except issues, related to our demand for transparency.

The only, which "solves" temporarily the payment of accrued amounts owed compensation colleagues, which then removes, despite the fact that driving tests are "special" project no responsibility integrated into employees work tasks, in positions in which they have placed.

The minister continues "not open his" papers in total, he refers serious issues several decrees. deliberately ie. cut "chips" with the transitional provisions the status of examinations. While integrating the work of testing candidate drivers 'within hours' of services operating, despite massive understaffing that exists in D / Departments of Transportation & Communications all Regional Sections of the country, making it impossible to integrate the work of drivers candidates examinations during working hours of public services.

It leaves intact the question of practical examinations of 74don, who are required to renew their driving license to pay and spend and practical driving test, any vehicle without an instructor, no provision that would prevent an accident and what the possible criminal - civil liability of the examiner if not prevent the.

Increases fees, leads to an increase in premiums, that will pass to the candidates guides etc., adds new problems to examiners, subjects and trainers.

Paves the way privatization project exam, since it clarifies that the special tests of the second stage to demonstrate the driving skills of the candidate driver or drivers, They will be carried out in designated areas or public entities education tracks.

Does not ensure the public nature of the work of examination and does not serve road safety.

Restores compensation for so-called "auxiliary work" exam, to employees, who perform.

After the above we have to "welcome" the bill and racing to launch new ABSTAIN for fellow examiners from the work of qualification exam and driving test behavior in all Regions, in which examinations are scheduled, or within, or outside working hours, From Monday 18/2/2019 and Friday 22/2/2019.

Note that that abstaining from certain tasks of officials represent, accordance with the provisions of n.1264 / 1982, as interpreted by the competent courts (cf.. DefATh 486/1995 etc.) and is a perfectly legitimate form of industrial action, and that the implementation of the decision not to hold the driving test exam can be done by depositing monthly exemption request.

Requests for which we demand immediate resolution are as follows:

Regulating the continuation out of hours of work of driving examinations, and the granting of the relevant compensation.
Reset the granting of compensation to colleagues who perform the so-called auxiliary work exam.
Withdrawal of the decision to renew the license of drivers with practice exam, after attaining the age of seventy four (74) years and lawmaking free medical examinations from public hospitals, for all potential drivers (old and new).

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