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update PNAI: Scans the epidemic 'wave' seasonal flu

region N. Aegean: Ενημέρωση citizens the outbreak of seasonal flu….

On the occasion of the outbreak of influenza, which shows an increasing trend both in Greece and in other European countries, the Prevention Department & Health Promotion & Public Health informs the public about the following:

  • What is seasonal flu and how it is transmitted;

Influenza is an acute respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses. Of the three influenza type, the A & B is the most common and the formula C occurs rarely. Avian transmitted easily from one person to another, mainly by droplets carried by coughing and sneezing. The virus can survive on surfaces 2-8 hours and can be transmitted indirectly, through hand contact with the lifeless environment such surfaces, knobs, H / PC keyboards, phone, switches, etc.. wherein droplets are deposited with the influenza virus. Factors such as cold weather and promiscuity increase its transmission. It can cause mild to very serious illness. In Greece seasonal influenza outbreaks occur during the winter months (from October to April) a spate of activity between January and March.

  • Who belong to high risk groups;

Most healthy people surpass the flu without complications show, but some, as people belonging to high risk groups, They are at greater risk for serious complications from the flu.

These categories are:

1. Workers in health care facilities (health professionals and other employees).

2. Children below 2 years and people over 65 years,

3. Pregnant women regardless of gestational age.

4. People with cardiovascular disease, Chronic respiratory diseases, asthma, chronic metabolic diseases such as diabetes mellitus, chronic diseases of the liver and kidneys, with diseases that affect immune function (chronic use of cortisone and neoplasms), neurological and neuromuscular disorders, morbidly obese, sickle cell anemia and mikrodrepanokyttariki and children receiving chronic aspirin.

5. People who are in close contact with children younger than 6 months or caring for people with underlying disease, who are at increased risk of complications from influenza.

6. Closed Populations (personnel and internal school students, military and police schools, special schools or colleges, recruits in the armed forces, inmates and staff establishments etc.). Conscripts to grading centers, especially those classified in the winter months (October-March).

7. Professionals such as veterinarians breeders, pig, slaughterers and generally people who come into regular contact with poultry.

  • What are the symptoms of flu;

- Fever from 38,5 ° C
- Runny
- Pain in the neck
- Severe cough
- Severe muscle aches
- Headache
- Breathing difficulty
- Vomiting or diarrhea rarely

Flu symptoms start abruptly 1-4 days after infection with the virus and last 2-7 days.

If you show flu symptoms immediately visit our doctor to provide us appropriate antiviral drugs. We must not take for ourselves any antibiotic, after antibiotics are not active against viruses (like flu) while it will not be effective if you need them for complications of influenza, like. pneumonia.

  • What are the general measures to protect against flu;

- Timely vaccination is the most effective way to protect anyone from the flu. It is recommended to be done in the months of October - November, each year, but may continue throughout the duration of the flu season. The vaccine is safe and clinically proven for many years and is administered by a simple prescription.

- Systematic hygiene rules

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water or with an alcohol antiseptic.
  • We cover our mouths when we cough or sneeze.
  • Avoid overcrowding in confined spaces.
  • If we are sick from the flu, We must stay home and avoid enclosed spaces and close contact with others, especially with children and high-risk individuals, for time 7 days certainly 24 hours after full apyrexia.

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