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Assured transparency in the new system of exams and diplomas performance

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Assured considers transparency in the new performance system and renewing driving licenses Secretary General Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport Thanos Vourdas in statements…….. the radio station of the Athens – Macedonian News Agency "Agency 104,9 FM».
"Transparency is ensured because it minimizes the human factor that influences the outcome process, there will be cameras and final stage, the number of examiners is reduced. There will be no instructor in the car during the test and no diploma performance at the time of examination, but since the material examined and judged, into 5 days, if the driving capacity is sufficient ", clarified Mr.. Vourdas.
"The patent yield, especially for young drivers, He had the sad phenomenon of the young citizen is in his first contact with the Greek government with a regime that had largely opacity ", He stressed the Secretary General. Infrastructure and Transport Ministry.
Mr.. Vourdas stressed that a special body created examiners, αποκλειστικής απασχόλησης «γιατί δυστυχώς μέχρι σήμερα οι εξεταστές ήτανπάρεργοαυτής της διαδικασίας καθώς, in extra time of their hours, dealing with the exam ".
"Where were employed in this process about 1300 people to logic overtime, the new system will not require more than 350 exclusive time employees in all regional transport addresses the country ', said Mr.. Vourdas. explained, indeed, that there will be job losses, "But they will work exclusively in their service".
"Examiners took an overtime allowance- 240 euro gross per month- which should have been removed from 2015. As we have said, Nevertheless, from May 2018 we presented the draft law on consultation, all part of the allowance and the back and three months after the publication of the law, normally covered, therefore it was unnecessary abstinence examiners and remains unnecessary ", said Mr.. Vourdas, yielding reactions "or the fact that their application has changed and does not want to change the examination system or pure mikrosyndikalistikoi reasons'.
*The interview took Sophia Papadopoulos and Kostas Papadakis

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