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Greetings 2019 from Thira Regional Director Theoni Livadaras

Dear friends,
I wish you 2019 be happy and creative.
For many of our fellowmen the current period, stressful, pressure and uncertainty about the future…….

The new year then, let him bring to us and to our loved ones love, solidarity and hope.
Through love, overcome all obstacles.
Enough to have with us our own people, to rely on them during the difficult
to move them, storms of life.
Solidarity, because we know well that when we are together, united and strong we can do miracles.
When each of us helping and watching his neighbor, then we can overcome any crisis, every difficulty and do all along the steps forward.
All this of course, mean nothing unless we have within us the hope.
The unquenchable flame to go higher, get further.
Hope is an element of the character of the Greeks.
With this we were born, she grew up with and that we go in our lives.
Remember also, Greece is the heart of the Mediterranean and our islands, It is the heart of Greece.
Nurture our home with everything you need to stay upright.
So long as we keep the flame of hope within us, so will keep us upright and Greece.
The Greece of white and azure, Greece, Aegean.
So cheerful and happy 2019 with more optimism for the future opened our.

Happy Birthday!
Theoni Livadaras
Regional Hunting Director

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