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The advent of Airbnb, the declared properties, the gallop and the first signs of fatigue

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Breath in many households has given Airbnb as it ensures the development of real estate, but also an important supplement income. This in fact is the meaning of the economy of sharing which however has been distorted by the emergence of 'capped' hotel accommodation that through the platforms pass under the radar of taxation forming unfair competition environment.

in any case, According to reports, on the Principle of authorization platform for short-term leases until today declared about 50.000 property. Something that is deemed satisfactory by the tax authorities. However, the rough estimates of strains of the real estate market industry refer to Airbnb properties reach the 129.000.

Note that those who have not declared the property that have faced the specter of control and fines.

More particularly the Principle of authorization may:

– To control those who have not subscribed to the electronic platform and declare their data.

– To compare the amounts stated in the platform Principle of authorization by bank transfers in which the owners paid.

Note that in order for the property manager to make short-term leases, it must:

a) Going with his personal Taxisnet codes Register Real short-stay kept in www.aade.gr website, to register the property and gain Number Property Records (AMA). The registration takes place at the leased "Property".

b) To display the Property Registry Number (AMA) to digital platforms of the sharing economy, and any other means of promotion.

Brake on the market;

However gradually voices for "braking" of the market even though tourism in Greece and especially in Athens has much room for growth. Main reason of the fact that competition grow big, costs due and taxes go up even in economy sharing.

At the same time due to the increase in demand for urban leases have risen rents and often lucrative and less tiring to have one "roomer".

indeed, estimate that the sale of properties in sharing platforms AirBnB type nearing its peak, which means that gradually more apartments will return to traditional monthly rental, He gave the radio station RES- MPA, “Πρακτορείο 104,9 FM”, the president of the Center Property Price, Kostas Georgakis. “Είμαστε πολύ κοντά στην κορύφωση αυτής της ευκαιρίας. Σύντομα πιστεύω ότι θα μετακινηθούμε στην άλλη πλευρά του νομίσματος και τα ακίνητα αυτά θα φεύγουν από τη βραχυχρόνια μίσθωση και θα πηγαίνουν στην παραδοσιακήτόνισε ο κ.Γεωργάκος.

Χαρακτήρισε πάντως ωςσυγκλονιστικάτα στοιχεία που έγιναν διαθέσιμα από τον περσινό Νοέμβριο, in the number of properties available through platform sharing, after their declaration to the mechanisms of the ministries of property. Based on these data it appears that within a few years the number of properties available on platforms sharing jumped to unprecedented heights.

“From the 2.000 A few years ago (ss properties declared as available to legacy platforms sharing), they went to 10.000, και τα τελευταία δύο με τρία χρόνια μεταπηδήσαμε στις 129.000σημείωσε ο πρόεδρος του Παρατηρητηρίου Τιμών Ακινήτων, and described how the special Attica market growth reminiscent of another era. “Ο μεγαλύτερος αριθμός (Ed movements and transactions in the property market) is in Athens.

Athens real estate agents say almost live the good old times, see greatly increased their traffic, almost like it was shaped in the period of 2000″ noted k.Georgakos features.

Οι προσδοκίες γιαεύκολομηναίο εισόδημα

The monthly income will appreciate that at a minimum cost owners, the great demand, the shining example of Athens resulted in the sale of properties for short term lease to increase considerably and stimulate the market for reconstructions and renovations, with citizens to focus on significant revenue can bring them such a move and thus have a field day cheaper properties. “Αυτή τη στιγμή αναζητούνται τα παλιά ακίνητα, the low price properties, from 500 until 1000 euros per square”, He said president of the Center Property Price.

He added that despite the estimates decline in this market, many people still have expectations for increased income, as “περισσότεροι βλέπουν μια ευκαιρία στη βραχυχρόνια μίσθωση”. Expectations but seems likely to collide with reality, as already started to come in long-term leasing market property originally renovated to introduce platforms sharing, This means that furnished, partially or completely renovated buildings will begin to be offered in traditional tenants.

Ειδικότερα για την πόλη της Θεσσαλονίκης τα διαθέσιμα στοιχεία δείχνουν πως επί του παρόντοςη πληρότητα σε σχέση με πέρυσι (pp year 2018 compared to 2017) It has fallen by 20% με 30%όπως σημείωσε ο πρόεδρος του Παρατηρητηρίου Τιμών Ακινήτων, που εκτιμά πως στη δεύτερη μεγαλύτερη χώρα της Ελλάδαςδεν υπάρχει ο ανάλογος τουρισμός”, in relation to the number of dwellings available in these platforms.

With,Regarding end estimates of the evolution of this phenomenon and the market that generates, Mr.. Γεωργάκος τόνισε πως οι πολίτες πρέπει να έχουν κατά νου πως “The,τι γυαλίζει δεν είναι χρυσόςκαι εξέφρασε τη βεβαιότητα πως σύντομααρκετοί Έλληνες θα μεταβούν από τη βραχυχρόνια μίσθωση στη μακροπρόθεσμη”, ενώ θα πρέπει και να δεχτούν πως κάνουν απόσβεση των ποσών που ενδεχομένως έχουν επενδύσεισε μεγαλύτερο διάστημα από αυτό που νομίζουν”.

This development, of “αργήςαπόσβεσης, relates not to a greater extent the purchase of Thessaloniki, where, according to the president of the Center Property Price, tourist traffic has a different picture from that of Athens with prices per night sharing platforms, be smaller than in the past.

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