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Deposit Reference C.. Vroutsi in Parliament for the immediate recruitment of Milos airport

In the context of parliamentary scrutiny, MP Mr. Cyclades. John Vroutsis, tabled in Parliament report on the immediate staff of the Airport Milos services……… the Cyclades.

To Infrastructure and Transport Minister filed as a reference document Mayor Milos, K. Gerasimos Damoulaki (AP. 40/03-01-2019), on the need for immediate recruitment of Milos Airport services.

particularly, the letter of the Mayor, It expresses its strong indignation of the institutions of the island to the indifference of the state, stressing that the Transport Ministry is obliged to carry out all planned actions and not be content with partial solutions.

notes simultaneously, that despite constant reminders of Milos Municipality to urgently meet the needs of the island airport, the ministry continues to be "deaf", so they have created serious problems in the proper functioning of the service. Additionally adds, that while they have already completed all the studies on improving the airport infrastructure of the island and have been sent to the ministry department responsible, the municipality has not yet received answers about what is going to do the ministry on this issue.

For this reason, the Mayor and the City Council requesting the intervention of the competent minister, in order to provide the necessary answers on the subject of improving the island's airport infrastructure and also to find immediate solution to the burgeoning problem of staffing the airport services, to restore -enopsei the upcoming summer season- the proper functioning of the airport of Milos.

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