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Closed schools across the country Friday said 24 teachers strike

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Withdrawing the Ministry of Education plan Appointing to be held the next three years ask teachers and professors. For this reason this Friday, 11 January, ILO and OLME have launched strikes and rally in downtown Athens, at 13:00, to march to parliament.

ILO and OLME note that "discredits the system experience and the degree and results in an infinite hunting of qualifications with unequal conditions ". indeed, They refer to "hope trade" terms Ministry to thousands of educators and non appointment for contempt deputies meeting established needs education.

ILO: 24hour strike Friday

The teachers with the slogan "Permanent work and Unemployment not cover the needs in all schools "seeking a meeting with the leadership ministry listened to their requests.

the Board. the IOC. of continuing for many years (and on all governments and the non appointment policies) struggle reclaiming thousands appointments permanent teachers need the Public Education, having publicize and submit to the Ministry of Education the proposal - decision of the 87th General Assembly, for the appointment system and alternates recruitment, It demands the immediate withdrawal of the system announced the Ministry of Education, whereby substantially discredits the experience and the degree and results in an infinite hunting of qualifications with inequality conditions.

The system was announced and entered into "consulting" It is nothing more than a trade hope to thousands of non appointment teachers and contempt of Deputies meeting established needs education in the latter country.

Seeking immediate withdrawal plan announced the Ministry of Education, decide series mobilizations:

concentration of protest, together with O.L.M.E. and the P.O.S.E.E.P.E.A., the Ministry of Education Monday 7 January at 12 at noon.

24hour strike Friday 11 January 2019 with protest Propylaea in 1:00 pm and marched to the House, to request a meeting with the Prime Minister.

Making extraordinary General Meetings of Associations EE teachers. across the country Tuesday 8/1 to Friday 11/1/2019, concerning the proposal for the escalation of protests after the 11 January 2019 (at least a 48-hour strike, protests on regions etc.).

We continue and culminates, decisively and assertive, the struggle for the realization of thousands of permanent appointments teachers need public education, based on the positions of union movement.

OLME: Three-hour work stoppages Friday

the Board. the O.L.M.E. in the context of actions decided against the appointment system, recently announced Minister of Education (OLME the agenda 04/01/2019) and after today meeting (8/1/19) inform the ELME for the following:

The manufacture 11/1/2019 will be held nationwide concentration in the Propylaea 1 p.m., rally and march to parliament to request a meeting with the Prime Minister together with the IOC. reassessment of status by the Board of OLME after mobilization.

On the same day a 24-hour strike carried out by notice 3-hour work stoppage from OLME and corresponding stops from 3 hour ELME the country. We clarify that the 3-hour stop in OLME issued for the morning of the circle 11.00 a.m. until 14.00 for the afternoon cycle and the evening schools 3 first hours of the program.

GM made this week and next with issues: the appointment system, The new GL, the schedule, reducing the number of students, economics - pension, Others.

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