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Circuit smuggling gold: 260 police worked to arrest Richard!

"He squeezed out tens of thousands of citizens in the crisis," said Alexis Tsipras for the arrested Richard Dimitris Mylonas, the brain of the gang – How the criminal organization functioned – the 44 pawnshops in Greece, the Roma mafia, the Tourkoarmenios and the Syrian – 93 accused…. The video pawnbroker, Turkish Armenian origin, Syrian link to "haggling" Istanbul, one policeman, a homogeneous boxer from Russia at whose home in Cholargos found a large quantity of jewelery and weapons, and 89 even accused compose the two great organizations seized stolen cutlery, melted in the foundry and since were turning to gold plates, "pushed" in Turkey reaping profits million.
The 51chronos Dimitris Richard Miller, usury chain owner in Athens, province and abroad are among those arrested are reported to be in accordance with the principles and the man who had a key role in both networks.
All indications are that the person arrived through illegal channels swag Roma Mafia as had 44 pawnshops throughout Greece, one in Portugal and one in Spain, while the information saying that those who ultimately led the prosecutor will face charges of membership and participation in a criminal organization and trafficking kakourgimatikis.
To dismantle the smuggling gold circuit had mobilized Subdivision Security Northeastern Attica and several of GADA services, including men of EKAM and OPKE with more than 260 police carried out simultaneous operations in addition to Athens and other cities.
The story began to unfold when officers Amaroussiou Security were investigating the fence of the giant gang of Roma were dislocated from two years ago and stumbled upon members of the organization. Then with prosecutors began to monitor phones and so were able to learn details about the case that the ray reminiscent of Medusa. With a big boss who has the general command and around dozens of political crimes, goldsmiths and pawnbrokers.
Next to the leader, He played a key role in his right hand a Tourkoarmenios while a Syrian reportedly is the link that was undertaken to gather lots of gold to the 'push' in Turkey, while among the arrested and a policeman.
Is typical photo showing the protothema.gr showing police officers to carry late in the evening seized gold boxes. The same reports indicate that objects have been put under the microscope of the principles found in the villa and the so-called "king of gold" Richard in his villa in Saronida worth while to note that 51chronos had been before face justice for economic offenses.
Tsipras for Richard: "He squeezed out tens of thousands of citizens in the crisis"
Referring to dismantle the coil Alexis Tsipras today congratulated the Police House speaking of "great success" for criminals with white collars.
"I refer to usury Richard network had squeezed out in recent years tens of thousands of citizens who saw their incomes to assail and is in despair and tried to find a possibility of temporary assistance, selling off their valuables at a bargain price ", features the prime minister said.
{ protothema.gr)

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