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With showers and thunderstorms comes the "Oceanis"

"Oceanis" was named the new intense weather meteo meteorological service of the National Observatory of Athens,……

expected to affect the weather in the country on the evening Friday and especially on the weekend.

Main features of the new wave of bad weather will be the big temperature drop, because of the advent of origin polar air masses from northwest, The showers and thunderstorms, mainly over the sea and the dense snowfall in both mountainous and hilly parts, and at sites in the lowlands.

In areas affected by heavy rains included re Crete, while it is expected to snow in Attica.

Alongside, Saturday and Sunday too windy northeast winds 9-10 Beaufort will prevail in the Aegean, and very gusty winds to 9 Beaufort will influence at times land areas of eastern and southern country.

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