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Permanent Greek presence in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone to promote products and tourism

H Tourism Minister Elena Kountoura launched as Honorary guest of the permanent stand of Greece in the Free Zone Shanghai Trade - New beneficial agreements on trade and tourism between Greece and China were signed in the framework of the inauguration

The Minister of Tourism, Elena Koundouras, launched as guest of honor permanent Pavilion of Greece, Greek Pavilion, Zone Free Trade Shanghai into a successful event, his presence Deputy Minister of Agriculture Mr.. Vassilis Kokkalis, General Infrastructure and Transport Secretary, K. Thanos Vourda, Consul General Shanghai, K. Dry Basil, the Chinese government representative and an.Ypourgou Environmental Protection, K. Xu Qinghua and numerous Chinese officials.

On the initiative of Ms Kountouras Minister, within the Greek Pavilion is available at no cost to the EOT permanent exhibition space for the next ten years will highlight and promote Greece and Greek tourism.

The inauguration took place in the context of government sending three ministries to achieve new beneficial agreements on Greece in the sectors of agricultural production, of Transport and tourism.

The Greek pavilion created by the non-profit organization Greek Trade Council to raise and actively promotes tourism, culture, gastronomy and products of Greece in the East China region. It is just the seventh national pavilion at the Shanghai Free Trade Zone. Will be a strong base for the development of Greek-Chinese trade relations in agricultural products, promoting cultural exchanges and strengthening the increasingly growing tourism. On the sidelines of the inauguration signed cooperation agreements with private and state-owned Chinese companies with corresponding Greek.

 Potential opening in the Chinese tourism market

The event covered the biggest media in Shanghai interviews and reports both in print, and in the electronic media. OR Minister gave interviews in Chinese television networks and Tencent Phoenix TV, where he reported overall in the Ministry central planning the potential opening of the Chinese tourism market, from which the 2018 achieved sharp increase in visitors 70%, and expected new high rise the visitors 2019.

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