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The first 100 days of Greece outside the Memorandum is only the beginning

"The first 100 except Memorandum days will be just the beginning ", said Al. Tsipras from the House.
"At 21 August we announced the exit of the country after 8 years of understandings, that shrank the economy, smashed……

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10 Stylish autumn sets!! October to update layering!!

Ideas for the most stylish autumn sets -In October do layering!! The clothing stores, shoes and accessories are flooded with all the autumn trends ..... The shelves...

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Who does not have an obligation to collect e-receipts

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New boards in the School Committees of Primary A & BGrade education of the Municipality of Mykonos ( video )

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Particularly important for the Cycladic fishing community actions of the Operational Program for Fisheries and Maritime Affairs (EPALTH)

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