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Christos Veronis retakes in his hands the helm of Mykonos

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Dear compatriots , Friends, Mykoniatissas and Mykonos.

It's time to answer the call that you target me more and more lately…….

A call can, sincere, moving and simultaneously titular.

Be downloaded again in the arena of battle.

To go forward in the effort to regain our Island, become again the protagonists in Mykonos Island one that deserves to be First.

Σας απαντώ ¨ ΝΑΙ¨ με όλη τη δύναμη της ψυχής μου.

I answer yes to write together, για τα επόμενα τέσσερα χρόνια τις καινούργιες σελίδες της ιστορίας της Μυκόνου.

In this my decision prompted me to trust me and the deep sense of duty and debt I feel towards you.

Prompted the need to complete an ambitious program of infrastructure and development projects started for years and recently abandoned.

We islanders are forward-looking people, tolerant, hospitable, cosmopolitans.

With these our virtues and hard work we Mykonos enviable stable value in the global tourism scene.

At the same time from generation to generation inherited a system of values, rules and traditions that we have to respect and we safeguard the.

It is our culture and is a component of our existence itself.

Mykonos is an open society receptive to modern influences and innovations.

Δεν είναι όμως και δεν πρέπει να επιτρέψουμε να γίνει ¨ξέφραγο αμπέλι¨.

Unfortunately this message is starting to fade.

I believe that I have the right to clam up with what is happening lately in our Island.

Mykonos looks abandoned to its fate, the islanders begin to feel strangers in their place, the infrastructure that we built previously devalued and new projects are postponed indefinitely.

Mykonos starts stumbles and I can not tolerate, as none of you.

So I go ahead in trying to again lift up our Island .

I am fully aware of the difficulties and problems ahead.

But you know that I am a man of action and measurable results, realist and militant .

I know the City of the good and the wrong side and I'm a fan of one saying your complaints to the mayor.

I never invoked in the past nor will do in the future that no one solution to this problem is the responsibility of municipalities.

It is my principle that the municipality should have a say in what happens to our Site and reply to everything that concerns residents.

Mykonos is its people, residents, the workers, The visitors.

For all must cares Municipal Authority and this is my commitment.

But one man alone does not make a summer.

In an effort to start with a vision and plan, I will have my next competent staff, experienced and militant, people today give battles of their factions in the City Council, Young enthusiastic and baroutokapnismenous from the past.

The team with your support will be the next Municipal Majority.

More mature than ever I say this to your call, Thank you for the honor you do me start with determination the race.

With all of you supporters and strict judges'm confident that we will achieve our common goal.

Retake Mykonos in our hands.

To lift and to keep it up and First.

Because Mykonos is our soul.


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