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School bullying: When the teasing stops being cute ... (Video)

Πώς μπορούμε να αναγνωρίζουμε τον bullying and what we can do as parents and not only- to help address……
In the text below, ρίχνουμε φως στο θέμα του σχολικού εκφοβισμού, εξηγώντας τι είναι και τις διαστάσεις που τείνει να πάρει το φαινόμενο …..
"Lately, During breaks, 3-4 Children from VI class come to the desk I sit by myself and annoy. They take the bag and notebooks and throw each other or on the floor, by pushing and kicking. They call me "fat" and "turtle", because I can not get them when they are running and then laugh along with the whole class. Once, one of them took my money I had to shop from the cafeteria and told me that if you say nothing, would break the wood. When I leave school, are all gathered in a corner and look at me weird. "
– Nick, 10 years
The above description, is only one image indicative of bullying (bullying), of many experienced by students in the classroom. "Perpetrators" (he or intimidate those who) and "victim" (the child who bullied) και παρατηρητές.

Two terms of criminology used for school-age children and describe a phenomenon of violence, so close to us, αλλά δυστυχώς και τόσο μακριά.

Close, because in our country it occurs in a wide and growing range [statistics, among other European countries, Greece is among the top (Source: Dart Europe, Assosiation of european research libraries)] και μακριά, because mostly, Teachers and parents apparently unaware, justifying their stance by many, dysfunctional attitudes and prejudices, They tend to describe the phenomenon as a normal part of childhood and school life. ("Children are, would berate ")
But every other, because bullying is a serious short and long-term problem, both for the individual, όσο και για τη σχολική κοινότητα και την κοινωνία ευρύτερα.

therefore understood the importance of awareness, prevention and early intervention by teachers and parents, something that has so far seen little in our country, at least an organized degree.
What is bullying;
The bullying concerns the use of violence among students (regardless of gender and age) and has recurrent.

Is not the usual quip children together, καθώς δεν είναι αμοιβαίο και ισότιμο και δεν γίνεται με φιλικό τρόπο.

Conversely, It is something hurting the child and does not stop when annoying.

It can take many forms:

  • physical violence (shoves, kicks, punches, slapping, Hair pulling etc.) "Every noon, the way home, waited with the same company to hit, and students and nationalists ripped my clothes ... "
  • emotional violence (deliberate isolation of the child, soiling, conceal, destroy stuff, to blackmail for money, to threaten etc.) "It is not enough that they rubbed shoulders with, They had threatened and all the other girls that any spoke would find me the trouble ... "
  • verbal abuse (mockery, swearing, sarcasm, irony, disseminating false reputation, bad comments on ethnic origin or economic situation of a child and his family, gestures, slanderous graffiti etc.) "Fooling about my color, with Stinker they said they did it smell bad just accost them ... "
  • sexual violence (unwanted touching, threats, abusive, vulgar letters and images, teasing etc.) "Continue with cornered and tried to put my hand. I did not like it, It was not game, the feared, and he was telling everyone that I. In the end I did not go to school ... "
  • electronic violence (Internet use, email, chat room, and mobile calls and sms to a offensive and menacing content, using a camera in order to threat and humiliation of the child) "Suddenly opened the toilet, μ΄ έβγαλαν φωτογραφία με το κινητό και μετά την έδειχναν τα άλλα παιδιά…»

There are "signs" that should not be ignored by the parent;
Είναι αυτονόητο ότι ο γονέας οφείλει να είναι δίπλα στο παιδί σε κάθε φάση της ζωής του και να στέκεται δίπλα του διακριτικά.

However, each child reacts differently to such a phenomenon. Many children are injured psychologically, εγκαταλείπουν το σχολείο ή ακόμη οδηγούνται στην αυτοκτονία.

They are, Well, important not to ignore sudden changes in the child's behavior, as well as evidence, such as the following:
  • The child returns home hungry, with torn clothes, damaged books, of things missing, asking or stealing money (to give the abuser-blackmailer), then loses his snack or money.
  • It has unexplained bruises-hits and gives improbable explanations for these.
  • The child becomes inexplicably aggressive at home, irrational, causes trouble, attacking other children or siblings.
  • Afraid to use the phone or email and frightened when receiving message on mobile.
  • Afraid to walk to school and begs to go to school by car.
  • You do not want to use the bus route changes going to school.
  • He wants to go to school, makes absenteeism / truancy. Shows restless / loses self-belief.
  • Begins to stutter. Stop eating. Crying before sleep / have nightmares. Threatens Suicide. Restores habits infancy, όπως το να βρέχει το κρεβάτι του ή να πιπιλίζει το δάχτυλο.

What can parents of the child - victim
"E., can not, to a mind so, something would you do and you ... "
  • At first, to recognize the problem and do not fear to face, ούτε και φυσικά να υποβαθμίσουν τη σημασία του.
  • To take an active role and intervene directly, without ignoring the problem. The logic of "children are playing", δεν είναι πάντα σωστή.
  • Encourage the child to talk and not to be afraid, να το βοηθήσουν να καταλάβει ότι δεν πρέπει να ντρέπεται να εκφράσει στους γονείς του οτιδήποτε το απασχολεί.
  • Na the show directly how to defend himself: eg to emphasize another child how much bother what it does. This should be done in a direct way: "I do not want to xanapeiraxeis. I bother me that you do and I want to stop now!»

Most children are afraid to speak, and that's the problem
feel guilty, shame and believe that they will be punished further or will not help, if you confess.

They are, therefore, duty of the parent to ensure an effective communication with the child and show him how to treat the phenomenon, naturally enhancing self confidence of, which is the aim. The child should reach a point to feel able to defend himself.
  • So, must, να ενισχύουν τα ταλέντα και τις ικανότητες του.
  • To boost the confidence and respect for themselves and to give opportunities for initiative and action, ενισχύοντας έτσι την διεκδικητικότητα του.
  • Do not be overprotective, αλλά να φροντίζουν την ασφάλεια του με διακριτικό τρόπο.
  • Να επιμελούνται την υγιεινή του και να του μαθαίνουν τρόπους να φροντίζει και να αποδέχεται τον εαυτό του.
  • Encourage close friendships.
It is important that the child feels security and the himself and terms the environment.

What can parents of child offenders

"It's a little aggressive at school, but I believe that is because of his age. No worries. "

At first, to not tolerate bullying και να μην φοβούνται να παρέμβουν επειδή φοβούνται τη συναισθηματική απόρριψη των παιδιών τους.

Long term, It will benefit more dynamic and effective intervention, a silent tolerance.

Εξ’ άλλου φέρουν κι αυτοί μερίδιο ευθύνης για την συμπεριφορά του παιδιού τους. Είναι καλό να προτρέπουν το παιδί να επανορθώσει την πράξη.

Use sanctions when needed, but not in a spirit of vengeance, αλλά με πρόθεση το παιδί να καταλάβει γιατί δεν πρέπει να έχει αυτή τη συμπεριφορά.

It is therefore important, να επιβλέπουν το παιδί περισσότερο και να μειώσουν την τηλεθέαση βίας και την υπερβολική ενασχόληση με τον υπολογιστή ή τα βίαια ηλεκτρονικά παιχνίδια.

Seek quality time with him outside of the house or even the city. They can, yet, to know their friends and children to communicate with their parents and also to help them to find creative ways to aggression.

To understand their fragile psychology. The child does not accidentally frightens , nor aggressive, because he was born. Κάτι θέλει να μας πει η συμπεριφορά του αυτή και κάποια ανάγκη προσπαθεί να εκφράσει.

They should try to show them their love in practice , but not with gifts and rewards.

To set limits and do not succumb to their every desire. This fear and guilt that many parents have when they do not make the sake of their child, leads them to become uncontrollable in their behavior and require attention, χωρίς να σέβονται.

To teach respect, την ισότητα των ανθρώπων και την κατανόηση στο διαφορετικό.

Να φροντίζουν για το ήρεμο κλίμα μέσα στο σπίτι και να επικοινωνούν μεταξύ τους χωρίς διενέξεις όταν το παιδί είναι μπροστά.

As difficult as it sounds, it is important for the overall mental health of the child.
What can parents do (generally)
Devote substantial quality time child. It is very important to have mutual trust and freedom of speech. The child must be constantly encouraged to talk about the problem and the concern not to be afraid (especially in the case of "victim").
  • To know their friends and children often communicate with the class teacher. Encourage the child to create meaningful friendships.
  • Do not ignore and tolerate bullying, but supervise the child and to impose penalties respecting the personality of, wherever it needs.
  • Ensure the child finds outlets and creative energy of relieves. It goes without saying that it should maintain a peaceful and secure atmosphere in the family. Aggression and violence are easily reproduced when daily experienced at home by persons- behavior patterns, such parents.
  • Provide security and emotional support to the child and the strengthening of self-esteem / self-confidence of.
  • End, do not hesitate to consult an expert, when they feel that they can not help enough.
The bullying is a complex problem that is easy closing eyes and resting, just because sometimes not sufficiently obvious, ώστε να γίνει αντιληπτή η σοβαρότητα του.
Share and thou the voice of a child who has received Bullying

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The challenge for teachers and parents is precisely this:
Recognize that there, that our concerns and have direct responsibility for the effective treatment of.
*Δημιουργήθηκε με πρωτοβουλία της Ε.Ψ.Υ.Π.Ε ( COMPANY PSYCHOSOCIAL HEALTH Children and Adolescents) of education institutions, health and mental health of the public sector, and non-governmental organizations, the "Network against Violence at School". It is the first, substantial, attempt to prevent and combat the phenomenon in our country, and to sensitize students, parents and teachers, as well as society in general. One of them even goals, It is the creation of local networks, so as to better tackle bullying. The effort made in research, but also on a practical level, is very important.

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