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Tourism: Reduction in bookings from Germany

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 "Threshed" in market of Germany bookings Turkey with gun low prices. In negative territory the reservation rate for Greece in December. How to interpret yet picture the President of the Panhellenic Federation of Hoteliers.

Critical to the overall performance of Greek tourism the 2019 It characterized the space factors of the development of Reservations by Germany in January-February.

The scene that has developed so far in called market bookings (early bookings) It refers to "parade" according the phrase used known megaloxenodochos speaking in Euro2day.gr) Turkey and, secondarily, of Egypt.

According to the monthly booking market data Germany, which publishes the electronic platform Traveltainment, the December, Antalya, Turkey remained the top choice of Germans an increase bookings 48% compared to the same month of 2017.

An anode which is fed primarily by the increase against 60% direct online booking, while the anode through traditional (offline) agency was 36%.

The main summer tourist attraction of Turkey, indeed, starring stable market of Germany bookings, as the September had increased bookings 40%, in October 39% and November 54%. December, indeed, 1 at 4 reservations held the German market to the ten most popular destinations German concerned Antalya (28%).

Egypt, at the same time, It appears to downloads speed the 2019 although it remains high reservation. Mr destination of Hurgada made frantic race bookings increase by late 2017 which, however, It was completed in late August 2018. Since then, Destination recorded decrease reservation 2% in September, 11% in October, 13% November and 5% November. Much of the lost reservation, however, to Hurghada equilibrated by rising deductions records Marsa Alam (+94% December, +36% November, +12% in October).

Greece and Spain were the two main holiday destinations Mediterranean that seemed to be affected by the high demand for Turkey and Egypt in bookings market.

Reservations for the most popular Greek destinations were in negative territory in December to Heraklion record reduction 21% in December compared with the same month of 2017. the fall followed by reducing deductions 30% November and was preceded fall 17% in October and 13% in September.

Rhodes completed 2018 by reducing deductions 5% the While December had been a fall 15% November, 2% in October and 4% the September.

The ten most popular holiday destinations Germans found in December Kos recording, Nevertheless, stabilizing trends (-3%) compared to the same period of 2017.

expected featured, speaking in Euro2day.gr, the course bookings in the German market, the president of the Panhellenic Federation Hoteliers (POX) Gregory Tassios. The head of the POX yielded intensely upside booking rates recorded by Turkey in recent months in high levels of discounts offered by hoteliers Turks against Greeks and their Spanish rivals. As explained features, the Greeks Hoteliers offer discounts 20%-30% for reservations made until 31 January while hoteliers Turkish 40%-50%.

This assessment is confirmed by the data of Traveltainment which estimates that the price played a key role in high demand formed for Turkey. According to data of the platform, the middle Price per person, per night on all bookings for all destinations were 82 euro. At the same time, however, the average price per person, per Nightly for Antalya, Turkey was 67 euros for bookings online agency, 77 euro through traditional (offline) travel office. For the Canary Islands, Spain, on the other side, the average price per atom, per night was 93 euros through online booking and 102 euro through traditional travel agencies.

but affected, and if so how far the course bookings for Greece, high demand recorded for Turkey; One answer comes from the president of POX Gr. Tassios who pointed to Euro2day.gr that bookings for Greek hotels focus on the June-September quarter, while low recorded booking levels for the two "wings" of peak season, before (May) and after (October).

The same, however, He noted that many will be judged by the course bookings in January-February. Period as all show will determine the movements of hoteliers with a view to relaunching reservation of 2019.

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