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Candidate for a second term next to George Hatzimarkos, the Antiperifereiarchis Philemon Zannetidis

The Philemon Zannetidis, next to George Hatzimarkos, for a second term in the South Aegean Region
Re-nomination of Philemon Zannetidi, next to the Regional Director Southern Aegean, George Hatzimarkos, in the upcoming regional elections, Regional Unit in Rhodes, announces the lineup "In front of the South Aegean"…….
In a statement announcing his decision to catch up with George Hatzimarkos, for a second term in the Regional Council, Deputy Head of the Primary Sector and Gastronomy, reads:
"I continue to produce work alongside Hadjimarcou George for the development of our islands.
I continue with the winning goals set by our faction for the benefit of their inhabitants.
I'm with him to continue to give battle to the problems that for decades employ our islanders. To continue the game with them, until we erase these problems off the map.
For sure ,this difficult period for government have traveled managed to change the course of our country for the better.
We achieved a lot! We can do even more!
With love for our country and our islands, cooperation with institutions and organizations and citizens who have chosen to live here with us, will continue its upward trend with regional governor George Hatzimarkos, that for sure and confident holding the helm of our Region ".

The Philemon Zannetidis born in Rhodes 1961 and comes from Kattavia.
He graduated from the School of Tourism.
He is an employee of the Independent Revenue Authority and is located in Rhodes Customs.
He also deals with agricultural crops.
It Antiperifereiarchis from September 2014 to date in areas of responsibility: The Primary Sector and Gastronomy, President of the Economic Committee and head of finance and development planning of the Region of South Aegean in the Dodecanese prefecture.

He was:
• 2011-2014 Councilor in the Municipality of Rhodes and a member of the Economic Committee.
• 2011-2014 Board Member of the Regional Union of Municipalities of South Aegean.
• 2011-2014 Board member of the South Aegean Solid Waste Management body
• 2013-2014 Vice Chairman of the Customs Union Dodecanese Employees
• 2007-2010 City Councilor and member of the Municipal Committee of the Municipality of South Rhodes.
• 2007-2008 Board member of Charalampeiou Hospital Rhodes
• 2003-2006 Minority leader of South Rhodes City Council
• 2001-2002 Deputy Mayor and President of the Municipal Committee of the Municipality of South Rhodes.
• 1999-2000 City Council President South Rhodes.
Married to Anthoula Stouppou, teacher and have three children and two grandchildren.

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