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Candidate with the party "Front South Aegean" G.. Hadjimarcou, Panagiotis Diakofotis, president EPSD

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The concurrence of Panagiotis Diakofoti, President of Union Football Associations Dodecanese (EPSD) and Board member of the National football Federation (EPO), alongside Regional Director Southern Aegean, George Hadjimarcou, in the upcoming regional elections, announces the faction "Front South Aegean".

Panagiotis Diakofotis, long involvement and contribution in sport, in his statement by stating its decision to join forces with the faction of Mr.. Hadjimarcou reads:

"My decision to respond positively to the proposal Hadjimarcou George was not difficult nor purely personal. It was a collective decision, after my discussions with both my colleagues and with many clubs pandodekanisiaka.

The Region, It has shown us only positive writing samples with the effective support of the previous years in our groups, but also the maximum relief of the need for modern sports facilities. Με τη στήριξη της Περιφέρειας Νοτίου Αιγαίου έχουμε πραγματοποιήσει σημαντικά έργα σε επίπεδο νόμου αλλά και την δέσμευση για ακόμα περισσότερα

But as a man I would like to clarify that it is not my personal aspirations of a political career. I have no purpose to talk more than necessary or to say less than they need. I show up in my path now I'm man works. My only concern this time is to continue to offer to my place and sport of, representing our clubs, through the positions already serving in EPSD and EPO, and if my fellow citizens with honor with their vote from the bastion of the local authority. "


Panagiotis Diakofotis born in Rhodes 1970. THE Dimylia from father and mother hailing from Psinthos. They are father of three children.

From 1994 A few months after the completion of studies as electronic, It started its business activity on the island of Rhodes, telecommunications. His love of the sport led a year later to found the «Top FM», the first sports radio station Dodecanese .
For many years there has been a correspondent of many television and radio stations nationwide.
very active, very little developed intense athletic activity Investments in football clubs, having been an active supporter in soccer events as well as a member of the Union of Football Associations Dodecanese during the years 1998 – 2001 having the presidency of mixed groups county.
Panagiotis Diakofotis from 2014 until today serves the Union Football Clubs Dodecanese from the position of President, having produce enviable task, through which promotes development of both sports ideal conducting many events and activities across the spectrum law's,as well as the creation, development and landscaping of football facilities in the area of.
A typical example is that after several attempts and it did practice the second EU football stadium in Rhodes' Kleovoulos Hadjigeorgiou ", a dream of many years.
Remarkable efficiency and action is that for the first time in the history of the Dodecanese football President of EPC Dodecanese elected member of the Board of the National Football Federation (from 2017 until today).
Alongside, President is the property committee players Transfers, President National Championships mixed teams, while still, He's in charge of ISO management of the Federation as well as committee member events.

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