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12 Useful Tips for better sleep in a hotel!!

12 Secrets and tips for better sleep in a hotel!!!

Sleep for most of us is a sacred affair. Even when we travel, or for recreational….

for business, we want to enjoy those hours as much as possible.

Sleep for most of us is a sacred affair. Even when we travel, or for recreational or business, we want to enjoy those hours as much as possible.

What's up, however, when we are in a hotel renovated or when our room bathed in the glare of the sun;

These and other questions of the same kind are answered in mini guide below, about what to do to enjoy… Sweet dreams!!

Learn what to do to get to sleep… your pocket!!

1. Be sure to turn a quiet room

To be sure so I prefer a room on the upper floors of the hotel, preferably at the end of the runway, and certainly far from the elevator.

2. Avoid booking a room that overlooks the pool

As it brings together almost all of the accommodation visitors, the truth is that the closer you are to it the more noise you will have to "tolerate".

3. Choose a room at the back of the hotel

Even if the view is not as we expect, quietness that ensures this option definitely worth the preference.

4. Book a room located away from public areas

Even those responsible to assure you that there is no noise, you persevere in your choice.

5. Ask if the hotel of your desire done some renovation

These are usually made in sections e.g.. per floor or per ward every time. Make, So that although you have booked a room in one of the renovated wings, but away from those who are under renovation.

6. Inquire if the rooms have thick and dark curtains

These keep the sunlight away and create the appropriate conditions to enjoy your sleep.

7. Request a room with two beds if you are traveling with your friends

You will have your personal space, during sleep so it will not bother you or limiting you in no way want to sleep.

8. Ask if there is a choice of pillows

Many hotels offer, most, this service so do not hesitate to ask what helps you sleep more comfortable.

9. Bring your linens from home

If you have enough space in your luggage and place them in a pair of sheets. You will create the feeling of being in a familiar place so you can enjoy your sleep more. If this can not happen because of capacity, and one pillowcase does exactly the same job.

10. If you are sensitive to noise and wake up at the slightest have your earplugs

It may not be very pleasant feeling when you wear, however ensure the privacy you want even if you are close to disturbing noises. The same is true with sleep masks. Once the wear generated total darkness, as if it was night ...

11. Hang the sign "do not disturb" on the outside door knob

That way you will avoid to wake you up in the morning the hotel staff to clean your room.

12. Ask the reception to keep your calls….

….and disturb you only when something urgent runs….

So sweet dreams!!

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