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14 medals won by athletes of AO. Mykonos in diasyllogiko Boys Championship - Girls

Our athletes won eight gold, four silver and two bronze medals. Detail the positions of our athletes are:

  1. Doulas Christos, the athlete of the club who lives and works out to Milos with Pericles Kavallieratos was the superstar of the game as played in two events and succeeded in both the high threshold which is qualifying for the national championship. Specifically Chris succeeded 16.63 in 110m hurdles and 13.08 in triplicate.
  2. Vladimir Naoumenko: The athlete Giorgos Antoniou confirmed his fighting rising, as it won first place in shot put ahead in another match the high limit for the national championship (14.38), while in the discus was limited to second place with 36.50.
  3. Peltetzi Sofilena: The AOMykonou sprinter despite the difficulties encountered winter won first place in a difficult race with a stunning performance 12.93, time to ensure qualification to the national championship.
  4. Vidi Gabriella: η καλύτερη ρίπτρια του συλλόγου βρίσκει πλέον τον δρόμο της. He took first place in the discus with 25.58 and second place in shot put with 9.41 (personal record). Η Γαβριέλα ετοιμάζεται δυναμικά για τη συμμετοχή της στο πανελλήνιο πρωτάθλημα της κατηγορίας της και ζητά να σταθεροποιηθεί στο δίσκο σε βολές πάνω από τα 28.00 meters.
  5. Bletsa Politimi: Rather difficult period ended with injuries to Politimi. The multi-talented athlete won AOMykonou 1or position in 800 measures 2.48.07 while the goal remains the participation in the national championship of pagkorasidon.
  6. Karagiannis Michalis: Comfortable first 800m Michael, who chases the limit 2.03 that would ensure qualification to the national championship for boys. Michael finished in 2.12.87, performance not represent him and will seek the Open Championships of Men to reach the goal of.
  7. Kousathana Nikoleta: Η Νικολέτα έκανε την έκπληξη στα 800 measures and conquered 3or position with a new personal best in distance 2.55.00. The athlete returns to racing pace as experienced problems during the winter period.
  8. Konstantaras Manos: First the length of the athlete AOMykonou but with performance 5.10, away from his best. Shortly before Manos had a slight sprain in race 100 measures that forced him to leave.
  9. Skartsi Joanna: With the 9or position in 100 measures but with remarkable personal record (13.97) Joanna looks at race obstacles that will give the ticket to participate in the nationwide championship Pagkorasidon.
  10. Lazaridis Joseph - Koukas Evangelos: Οι νέοι ρίπτες του συλλόγου πήραν το βάπτισμα του πυρός στους αγώνες και η εμφάνιση τους κρίνεται ενθαρρυντική. Joseph made 6.75 (6th) in shot put and 16.78 (4th) in discus, while Vangelis scored 6.92 (5th) in shot put and 15.83 (5th) in discus. Their coach George Anthony has created casting faculty and starring prominent and popular athlete Vladimir Naoumenko will bring throws the club at a very high level.
  11. Soula Angeliki. Angela confirms the work of Giorgos Antoniou. Found on medals both in the realm (3or with 6.23) and disk (2or 16.72) . The coach believes that Angelica can be distinguished in the hammer throw, but the club has no, currently, suitable for sport, place.
  12. Vlassopoulou Katerina: Η Κατερίνα δεν βρέθηκε στην καλύτερη της μέρα. Although it showed he can overcome the jumps in the preheater 4.50 He was content to lean on the possibilities of 3.72 and 8or position.
  13. The last gold medal for the team won the club girls in the relay 4x100. The Sofilena Peltetzi valuable Bletsa, Joanna Skartsi and Katerina Vlassopoulou succeeded 57.32 a good performance is mainly due to the very good changes like has taught Fragiska Armaou.

Note that the club took part in the races with several absences, as Katerina Hanioti, Eugenia Hanioti, Katerina Kouka and Lefteris Mantzari who would offer valuable points to our team.

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