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2 Smart ways to find your phone when in “Mute”

Two easy ways you can find your phone even if you have it in silent mode!!……

It is one of the most common problems of all most people.

besides, how many have not lost their mobile, having it on silent, and they had to make a mess in the house to find;

Almost all have suffered and even more than once and unfortunately because we have only a winter-summer mind, We will continue to we get.

The good thing is that they have suffered and those who decided to give solution to this as a "serious" problem plaguing everyone.

So they have discovered two solutions to this problem.

The first way is:

By means of parasites!!

This method is relatively simple. Calling your phone from another fixed or mobile phone and do not close the call.

Get a wireless Radios in your hands and walk into your home.

As much as parasites stronger the closer you are to your mobile!!

It may be a bakalistiko way but surely will help you find your lost cell phone in half a shake.

After all time is money.

You need not to squander on trifles.

The second way is:

an application will save you!! But only to iPhone users!!

If you do not find your phone and worry you've forgotten before, sure beforehand, even directly, to install Find My iPhone.

go to iCloud.com from a laptop or PC, make a record and click on over the «Find My iPhone».

It will show you immediately found your cell!!

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