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Attention to tie!

Those who are obliged or merely insist on wearing tie, caution! Try the tie as more loosely around your neck as possible after, as discovered new study, when tight prevents the blood flow to and from the brain.

Noose on the neck

To investigate whether the once almost mandatory for bat accessories made noose on the neck of men, researchers from the University Hospital Sleswig-Holsteen Kiel, Germany led by Robin Lounteke looked at MRI brain 30 healthy young men of whom wore half and the other half were not wearing tie. Of the participants who wore the tie they were asked to tie a Windsor knot and tighten enough to, to a degree that causes slight discomfort.

Right away, after volunteers shook their ties, the blood flow in their brains dropped by 7,5% on average and still remained reduced (approximately 5.7%) for some time after they were asked to loosen his tie and unbuttoned the collar of the shirt.

While the tie without control group there was no difference, all participants with tie showed a decrease in blood flow to the brain, others in smaller and others to a greater extent - 5 thereof the reduction was greater than 10%.

Pressure in the veins

As the scientists explain in their respective publication in the journal «Neuroradiology», tightening of the tie presses the veins in the neck, holding the blood in the scalp and creating pressure. This extra pressure compresses the brain blood vessels thereby reducing blood flow. The findings of German scientists are consistent with a previous American study which was done by researchers of the Hospital Eye and Ear in New York and had found that the tie raises the intraocular pressure, potentially increasing the risk for glaucoma onset.

Regarding the flow of blood to the brain, however,, Experts who were not involved in the German study indicated that, although it is those who wear a tie not to tighten, a decrease of 7,5% rather not have appreciable effects nor obvious symptoms for men who are healthy.

However can create problems in smokers, the elderly and people with high blood pressure.

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