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How to challenge the "Cleisthenes" provisions in national and European institutions and Courts to investigate the KEDE

C. Patoulis President KEDE: We will not allow the dissolution of the government - will ask the protection of the relevant national and European institutions as well as justice – We continue to inform citizens about the adverse effects of Cleisthenes in Government and in their lives

The competent national and European institutions and courts are determined to bring the KEDE to claim the change of specific articles of the bill "Cleisthenes" which involve issues of unconstitutionality, violate the basic principles of the European Charter of Local Democracy and do not serve specific objectives in Sustainable Development.

In today's meeting of the Board. the KEDE, upon the recommendation of the President of the Third. Patoulis, decided, preceded by the study of the relevant articles from expert group, including specialized legal, to exploit all available administrative and judicial remedies to any relevant body and Court for non-implementation of "Cleisthenes" provisions violate constitutional and European authorities.

As noted by G.. Patoulis, Cleisthenes the bill have already identified a number of articles which have constitutional problems, while there are provisions introducing supervision of administrative acts of municipalities.

An example of the new institutional framework of financial autonomy of local authorities Observatory. The new provisions contained provisions which, as noted President KEDE, "Far from having consultative status, since they constitute direct interference in the CTA administrative and financial autonomy ".
At the meeting it was noted that the bill does not contain any provision which would show that Greece is in line with other European countries in accordance with the basic principles of the European Charter of Local Democracy.

G.. Patoulis referring to the procedure followed by the government in order to pass the controversial bill blamed the political leadership of the Interior Ministry, and he stressed that KEDE never received a reply to the request it made for a meeting with Prime Minister.

"Still we are waiting to see the Prime Minister. The request formulated and even twice, for meeting with him, fell through.

The government, which legislates with sloppy and aiming political benefits, attempts to dissolve the government and we do not allow this. With the enactment of this bill is not the Government but the government defeated, as evidenced by blatant way that the bill serves partisan goals. The government's attitude and the way they handled the issue proves daily that is not interested in the proper functioning of local government, but wants to implement a plan eterodioikisis in which governability is not guaranteed. We have put specific questions to specific parts of the "Cleisthenes" and unfortunately we have not received any response. As KEDE implement concrete actions to continuously inform the public until election. Actions will highlight the adverse consequences of the voted law "Cleisthenes", in local government operation and the entire country ".

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