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The Passenger Rights in departures and arrivals Ship and accidents at sea- EU Guide.

The delays in departures and arrivals of ships due to lack of planning routes, and often due to faults, It is not uncommon though to a lesser degree compared to previous decades, especially during the summer months when tourist traffic is increased. Even if our vacation "spoiled" little because such incidents, it is useful to know that in many cases entitled compensation.

In case, Well, cancellation or delay of service for more than 90 minutes, consumers who travel by ship in the European Union have the following options: or return fare, where appropriate, free return to the point where they started their journey, or transfer, under conditions peremfereis, to their final destination at the earliest opportunity and at no additional charge. Furthermore, if departure is delayed more than 90 minutes, in most cases entitled to meals and refreshments, depending on the time anamonis- and accommodation in case you need to stay overnight.

If the arrival at the final destination delayed more than an hour, passengers are entitled to compensation. Depending on the delay, the compensation is equal to 25% or 50% of the ticket price. Will not receive, however, compensation if the delay is caused by severe weather conditions or natural disasters.

complaints – complaints

Passengers who believe that their rights have not been respected, They may submit a complaint to the carrier within two months from the date recorded in the event. The transporter must respond within one month and to give the complainant a final response within two months of receipt of the complaint. If the answer does not satisfy the complaint, then he may contact the national enforcement body. In Greece it is the Ministry of Marine and Island Policy.

Accidents at sea

If the ship's passenger injured in an accident at sea, entitled to compensation from the carrier or the insurance carrier. Death, compensation may request their dependent family members. Compensation from the carrier (the shipping company that) entitled the passenger ship, if the baggage, vehicles or other belongings lost or be damaged in an accident at sea.

If the passenger is a person with reduced mobility, compensation for loss of or damage to wheelchairs or other special equipment must cover the full cost of repair or replacement. There is entitlement to an advance by the carrier to cover the immediate needs in the event of injury or death due to: shipwreck, overthrow, conflict, stranding of the ship, explosion or fire in the ship, defect board.

In case of loss or damage in an accident at sea, passengers can claim compensation through the courts, in any of the following countries:

a) in the country the main business activity of the transporter or the residence of,
b) the country of departure or destination,
c) in the country of residence if the carrier does business in this country and is subject to the jurisdiction of that country,
d) the country in which the travel contract concluded, if the carrier does business in this country and is subject to the jurisdiction of.

If the baggage is lost or damaged, the passenger should notify the carrier in writing. Ideally this will be done either at the disembarkation, or upon receipt of baggage. The latest, You should inform the passenger carrier within 15 days from the disembarkation or delivery, since otherwise, loses the right to compensation.
The commission recommends that consumers should go to court within two years of the event - although the starting point of this period can vary depending on the nature of the loss or damage.
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