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S.’ I love until the said dignity: arrives!!

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In every relationship we have, erotic or not, we must respect our dignity as we respect the dignity of our fellow human beings.

Dignity is a personal and emotional level that acts as a psychological shield. Depending on where we set this limit, both personal and our social relationships characterized by better health and balance.

Dignity in close relationships, non trials or concessions. Once we begin to succumb, this excellent and valuable shield begins to crack.

If you want to spend a moment to think about, you will realize that very few times you really meditate on this personal and important dimension of our lives.

There we tend to think first, because they were raised with the idea that, if you love someone, then we need to give everything without expecting anything back.

Sometimes it is really difficult to distinguish between a genuine reciprocation of affection and emotional manipulation. It is important to note that in order to ensure your dignity.

Dignity is the respect you have for yourself

"I love you until the dignity told me: arrives!”. If you ever felt so, then remember the internal process did you realize that Love sometimes has a limit called dignity.

Dignity and self-esteem

People help us build our self-esteem in the course of our lives. The way we were raised undoubtedly a big impact but, believe it or not, It is not the decisive factor.

All experience experiences which over time can weaken our internal defenses.

  • A work in which our rights are violated.
  • A complex close relationship.
  • An accident, a traumatic loss, a betrayal ...

Many conditions can cause disruption to our self-esteem. What we are trying to say here is that sometimes we think we are invulnerable.

Sometimes we think that nothing can make us and that we can do everything. However this just because we believe in our comfort zone.

When things outside us make us lose sight of the sense of self, lose everything.

Entering blindly into relationships

We know that we give our hearts free. Do these blind faith jumps in limbo because we want to and because we feel that time is something very right for us.

All this is perfectly understandable, since in the course of our dignity is not compromised. Sometimes personal relationships We have no limits. We give everything without expecting anything back.

Every effort contributes to making the relationship more happy for two people.

  • Until one day we realize that deep void within us. is not that something is wrong, It is that everything is destroyed. There is harmony in the relationship and all the energy and effort directed towards a person. While one person eats steak, the other is trying to make a meal with peanuts. And that other person is you.

There are some times in our lives that the bravery and courage have good effect. However keep in mind what you risk: esteem, dignity and your right to happiness.

Once any of these threatened, it is time to make a decision.

Your thoughts, give you strength

Whenever you are in an emotionally difficult situation and we must strengthen your dignity, Repeat the following statements.

Reflection on these words will allow you to internalize a number of ideas that will awaken two essential feelings within you: courage and bravery.

  • Nobody can and should not tell me how to live my life or how I'll be happy.
  • Anyone who truly loves you will never manipulate or blackmail you with something.
  • A good companion strengthens my self-esteem, never destroys.
  • Whoever loves me will look after me every day.
  • The symbiosis requires knowing how the partners work together as a team. Someone who only thinks of himself does not know how to live together with another person.
  • I am entitled to express my thoughts, to say and not say exactly,what pleases.
  • Το να λέω “NO” σε κάτι δεν είναι μια εγωιστική πράξη: I am defending my dignity.
  • I deserve to be loved.
  • The true love begins with love for myself. If everything around me make me feel unworthy, it means that something is wrong and needs to do something about it.
  • I am able to take control of my reality and I will. I do not have to kowtow to the wants and desires of others.
  • I do not have to agree or to thank anyone.
  • I am a nice, possibility, courageous man having equal rights to happiness with any other. I alone am the architect of my life and desires.
  • I will defend above all the people I love. But they will also ask the people who love to respect me, be to defend and to appreciate such deserve.

In conclusion we would say that personal dignity is a very important issue that deserves more attention. We ensure the happiness that everyone should be able to experience every day.

* Maria crows is Psychologist - Psychotherapist, Social Worker, Couple therapist & family, Area with Soul Expression Advisory & Psychotherapy for Adults & adolescents.

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