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"Digital Heroin": How screens transform our children in psychotic junkies

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The school of John had begun using the devices in increasingly smaller classes, The technology teacher extolled their educational benefits, when Susan wanted to do what was best for the blond boy who loved to read and play baseball.

Initially let John play various educational games on the iPad. Until the little discovered Minecraft, which the teacher technology called "electronic Lego». He remembered how she loved as a child to build and play with the blocks of, so let her son play Minecraft afternoon.

At first Susan was quite pleased. John seemed to be engaged in creative play as explored the world of computer game. Although he noted that the game was just as he remembered Lego -in childhood did not have to kill animals ... and find rare items to survive and go on to the next level. But John seemed to enjoy very, while the school was up group Minecraft, so ... how ugly can be;

Yet these, Susan could not deny that John saw changes. He had begun to absorb more and more of the game, He had lost interest in baseball and reading books and have refused to help with the housework. Some mornings he woke up and said that he saw in his dreams squares.

Although it had employed, She believed that her son may simply had vivid imagination. As his behavior continued to deteriorate, He tried to get the game, but John started having tantrums. The explosions were so bad that succumb, trying to convince herself again and again that "education is"

Then one night he realized that something was very wrong.

"I went to his room to check the. Supposed to be asleep ... And so scared!»

She found him sitting on his bed and staring with huge eyes in limbo, while the light of the iPad was next. It seemed to be in ecstasy. In the panic of, Susan had to shake him several times to meet. He could not understand how the once healthy, cheerful little boy was so addicted to the game that had mutated into a catatonic, drugged man.

That is why parents are more careful with technology is the technology designers and engineers. The Steve Jobs was known for how little technology allowed children. Executives and engineers of Silicon Valley send their children to schools that do not use technology. The founders of Google Sergey Brin and Larry Page went to a Montessori school, as the creator of Amazon Jeff Bezos and the creator of Wikipedia Jimmy Wales.

Many parents understand that the light displays have a negative influence on children. We see aggressive outbursts when we take the equipment away, and the inadequate ability to concentrate when children cease to receive uninterrupted impulses of their devices. Even worse: we see children who are bored, are apathetic, indifferent and boring when you do not have a device in their hands.

But it is even worse than we think!!

Now we know that all these iPads, mobile, the Xboxes is a digital drug form. Recent research shows that they can influence the front of the brain in the same way it affects cocaine. The technology is so hyperstimulatory that raises dopamine levels while raising the sex.

This addictive effect is the reason why Dr. Peter Whybrow, director of the neuroscience department at UCLA called the displays "electronic cocaine", while Chinese researchers "electronic heroin". Ο Dr. Andrew Doan, head of the research division on addictions at the Pentagon and the US Navy calls the video and display technology "digital drugs"

properly understood: the mind of your child while playing Minecraft resembles a brain drugged. For it is difficult to release children from their screens and highly excitable when we find their time in front of the screen crashes. Hundreds longer clinical studies show that displays increased depression, anxiety and aggression and can lead to psychotic episodes in which the player loses touch with reality.

In my clinical study over 1000 adolescents recent 15 years, I found the old saying "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" to fit perfectly when we talk about addiction to technology. Once the child passed the line of true technological addiction, the treatment can be very difficult. Actually, I found it much easier to cure heroin and crystal methamphetamine users, despite the lost matrix video gamers or addicted to social media and Facebook.

According to announcement 2013 American academy of pediatricians, children aged 8-10 spend years 8 hours a day in different digital media, while teens spend 11 hours in front of screens. 1 to 3 children using tablets or mobiles before they speak. Σύμφωνα με το βιβλίοInternet Addictionτης Dr. Kimberly Young, 18% of internet users in the college phase suffer from technological addiction in the US.

Once a person passed the totalitarian addiction of any type, It must first be detoxified to enable then any therapy to be effective. With this technology means complete abstention from digital media: not computers, not mobile, not tablets. In advanced stages still banned and television. The usual period of abstinence is from 4 until 6 weeks, this is the time it takes for a yperdiergemeno nervous system to do 'restart'. But this is not easy in our present society where displays are everywhere. A person can live without drugs or alcohol. With the technology but addiction is impossible, ubiquitous digital temptations.

So how do we protect our children than to overcome the limit; It's not easy!!

The key is to prevent 4Vstroke, 5time or your 8-year old from getting stuck on screens. This means instead of Lego Minecraft, books instead of iPads, nature and sports instead of TV. If needed, ask your child's school does not give tablets until 10 years (others recommend 12)

Make honest discussions with your child about why to limit its access to screens. Eat meals with your children without electronics on the table-just like Steve Jobs had dinner with his children without technology. Do not fall prey to "The parent is abstract", as well as we know the kids do they see.

When I talk to my twin boys of 9-, to explain honestly why we do not want to have tablets or playing video games. I explain how some kids play so much with their devices difficult to stop or keeps control how you play. I have helped to understand that if entangle with screens and games like some other friends, They will affect other parts of their lives: They may not want to play baseball anymore, not often read books, to lose interest in science and nature and to cut their relationship with their real friends. Amazingly, you do not need special effort to convince, as they have seen first hand the changes in the lives of some friends because of their attachment to a monitor.

Psychologists understand that healthy child development involves communication, Creative fantastic game and contact with the true, natural world. Unfortunately, the addictive world of screen dazzles and prevents these healthy development processes.

We also know that children are more prone to addictions when they feel alone, alienated and bored. That should help the children associated with real life experiences and real linkages and relationships. The child involved in creative activities and communicate with his family is less likely to escape the digital world of fantasy. But even a child who receives all the love and support of the world, threatened to fall in Matrix, upon contact with the screens and felt their influence. besides, 1 to 10 people are by nature strong addiction trends.

At the end, Susan took the tablets from her son, but the treatment was a hill with many potholes and setbacks……

Four years later, with much support, John is much better.

Using a desktop computer and has found some balance in his life: playing in a team and have a lot of friends at school. But his mother is still on guard in the use of technology on the part of, because like any addiction can easily xanafpokypsei in a moment of weakness. To watch that has healthy activities, that the computer is absent from the room and the dinner is not accompanied by any form of technology are all part of the solution.

Source: New York Post
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