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Nine scholarships will be awarded this year by the South Aegean Region

The Region of South Aegean in collaboration with ALFA I.IEK – MEDITERRANEAN COLLEGΕ, announces nine 9 places students fellows, for the year 2018-2019.

Specifically scholarships concern:

1.MEDITERRANEAN COLLEGE: THREE scholarships for Bachelor (tuition)

Worth 5.600 € each for A’ year of studies

2.IEK ALFA:Two annual scholarships

Worth 3.000 € each.

3.Alpha Select (Center for Lifelong Learning: Two full annual scholarships

Worth 6.000 € each.

4. MEDITERRANEAN PROFESSIONAL STUDIES (center For lifelong Learning: Two full annual scholarships (tuition)

value up 4.900 € each (depending on the program)


Beneficiaries can choose any specialty / program their studies interested, between disciplines and study programs offered by institutions: IEK ALFA, Mediterranean College, K.D.V.M.2 ALFA Selection and Mediterranean Professional Studies.

The evaluation process and performance scholarships already exempt registered and / or active learners in the aforementioned educational institutions.

Beneficiaries can choose to study, to any of the aforementioned carriers serve - in Athens, Piraeus, Glyfada and Thessaloniki.

Grants K.D.V.M.2 ALFA Selection and Mediterranean Professional Studies are full-time.

Grants Vocational ALFA concern in the 1st year of study.

Grants Mediterranean College and two-year HND programs in the Mediterranean Professional Studies relating to the first year of study and for the continuation of scholarship, the / the scholar should have continuous attendance and annual rating over 60%.

For the Mediterranean College and the Mediterranean Professional Studies,to annual cost of fees to partner British University / certification body, and the license issuance fee / Graduation exclusively covered by his / her fellow.

The Mediterranean College and the Mediterranean Professional Studies covering the application fee (applicationfee)- amounting to 50 € in the program.

To ensure scholarships, Candidates must meet the minimum listing requirements in the curriculum of their choice.

The aforementioned training providers reserve the right not to offer a curriculum, in case of low participation. In this case, the / the scholar may choose another -related educational object- program.

The emergence of fellows performed Judgment of South Aegean Region.

Applicants must submit their applications until Friday, 12 October 2018, the Department of Lifelong Learning & Support of Education of Aegean Region Rhodes.

The fellows selected based on socio-economic criteria and academic criteria (performance at the Lyceum).

Related Information for terms and conditions*, Section LLP 22413 64705-64757, Ms Lois Christina & Papanikola Immortality

Chariklia E.. Giasirani

Associate Regional Director

Lifelong learning, European Programs and Volunteerism

President KEK Genimatas

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