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Education is our degrees, but our aesthetic

Education is our words, at our discretion, our freedom, the limits of our freedom, the music we listen, the language of our body, how we love to learn, to change, be read as if we each blank papers……..

education is humility and perseverance to our values, that we are not for sale, that respect human, child another, the lady who cleans our office, the gentleman who cleans the park where we take our dog walk, the girl at the checkout.

education is our generosity, the watering a pot unknown, taking care the back of our house.

education is to protect our hands weak, to put them with the beast.

Education is how we can come across the system and systemic, education the bravery and responsibility.

Education is to choose the difficult path of dignity, loneliness and yet burning your media for the common good

For the good and salvation of…..

"Man is the answer, whatever the question " – André Breton…..
* OR Margeli gifts Literature is, trainer Rhetoric. Designs and animates workshops Creative Logos & thought. The text was published in Eyedoll.

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