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The greatest lessons in life brought loss

She let your loved ones back in the day I went and dressed soul and your body with that black color so hated then.

And truth wondered many times along the way, if the unexpected and sudden hurts more than expected. If death comes with an incurable disease and the time counts down hurts less. Because if I still have a margin time. The answer will always arnitiki.Anamenomeno or unexpected, the knife will always hurts the same in us. The absence of that time will bring it bleeds so our heart.

With each man leaves an empty chair around us, We say goodbye and a part of ourselves. A piece that will never shine again without them. And each will see those places that go together and raining memories, our heart will ache even more. The time will be when ally and when enemy. It will take us to a glorious past and an uncertain future.

And people around us embarrassed to open their hearts and share their own losses into thinking that this will apalainei pain. As if to say your "I hold firmly". Known to become friends and friends become strangers in this challenging road. They would seem that they really deserve to have by your side. Why biggest test of this there. This unfortunately is not in never leave him again and forced to start again from the beginning.

Many times we have the illusion that this circumstance life is eternal. How happy we were when, become invulnerable, eternal. But truth is a handful of times this life. It's a sunshine day with those who so loved the memory of our mind. True, all those little moments passed and thought given.

This is because ignorance, It makes us think that the unexpected always happens to others, but never in our own door. Do the people we love. Always others, never to us.

But really all we us the same drops in a vast ocean. As we were reunited no difference. Neither discrimination exist in poverty and riches. Why death no material resources not acquired the bill and no. As grandiose though it's castles, He always finds a way to penetrate. Sometimes quietly and sometimes clumsily.

That's why I tell you. A handful of moments of our life. Now is always the future we expect.

No postponement does not lift. Nothing is given in this life. Why unfortunately only a day can lose all the life you knew. That we thought would last forever.

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