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21March: World Poetry Day

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World Poetry Day today, first day after the vernal equinox, early spring. "The World Poetry Day will enhance the image of poetry in the media, so that poetry no longer considered useless art,…….

but an art that helps society to find and strengthen its identity 'is the rationale of UNESCO, which the 1999 adopted and voted in favor of the Greek proposal to celebrate World Poetry.

Commemorate suggested to the Society of Authors 1997 the poet Michael Matrix.

The Company accepted the suggestion and was chosen as the day to celebrate the 21 March, vernal equinox, on a proposal by the poet Stephen Lynch, μια συμβολική ημερομηνία «που συνδυάζει το φως από τη μια και το σκοτάδι από την άλλη, like poetry, which combines the bright face of optimism with the dark face of mourning "he had previously explained the poet.

The first Poetry Day celebrated in Greece 1998.

The writer Vassilis Vassilikos, Ambassador of Greece to UNESCO in 1999, conveyed the idea to the international organization and October, the 30th General Conference of UNESCO in Paris, The March 21 was declared World Poetry Day.

, 21March: World Poetry Day

The reasons for the decision

The reasoning of the decision reported: "The World Poetry Day will enhance the image of poetry in the media, so that poetry no longer considered useless art, but an art that helps society to find and strengthen its identity.»

The International Cultural Organization wanted in this way to promote the art of poetry and particularly the efforts of small publishers to print collections of new poets, the return of the oral tradition by reading poems before the public and to restore a dialogue between poetry and other art forms, on the excommunication Delacroix, "There is no art without poetry".

Distinguished poets from around the world then came to Greece to celebrate World Poetry Day March 2001 - including the Nobel laureate Wall Soginka from Nigeria, The Lawrence Ferlingketi from America, Russian Andrei Voznezenski, Chilean Nicanor Despite, Italian Lucio Mariani and the Brazilian Harold de Campos.

, 21March: World Poetry Day

To Mykonos Ticker, reads Greek poets

We celebrate World Poetry Day, anthologontas Greek poets poems known and lesser known, poems about love and death, nature and society, war and national Adventures, art and consolation of speech.

Κάθομαι και ρεμβάζω. Επιθυμίες κ’ αισθήσεις

ekomisa in something Technin- misoeidomena,

persons or lines· loves imperfect

κάτι αβέβαιες μνήμες. Aς αφεθώ σ’ αυτήν.

He knows how to form Form Kalloni·

almost imperceptibly The Life SUPPLEMENT,

combining impressions, combining them days.

K. P. Cavafy, "Ekomisa in the art"

, 21March: World Poetry DayAnd then you ask them why they want.

The miracle is not asking.

S.’ grabs the ear and

dragging in throwing light.

Of course you are pleased with the flare, I do not object

but eating worm from within agony

not mortal and wonders.

Kiki Dimoula, "Lazarus" (excerpt)

, 21March: World Poetry DayHow test instruments the musicians before the concert start

so I now manipulating words

evaisthitismos sensitivity aestheticism

sensitivity and aesthetically sensitive

evaisthisiakos evaisthisiazomai evaisthisiasmos

fair and aesthetic and sensual

perhaps soulful

Wind Chill sense-maybe-maybe

Wind Chill my brother and Esthir from’ the Paper

begins with applause poem.

Nick Karouzos, "Picture"

, 21March: World Poetry DayMemniso baths bis enosfisthis

I woke with this marble head in hands

which exhausts my elbows and do not know where to

t’ lean.

Falling dream as I stepped from the dream

so our lives are united and will be very difficult to


Look eye. Neither open nor closed

I speak mouth increasingly seeks to talk

I hold the cheeks that exceeded the skin.

I have no strength

my hands and approaching chanountai


George Seferis, Novel, Γ΄

, 21March: World Poetry DayO death sorrow both fired, the glow

He returned to the sun.

Keinos me now refers in the perfect syntax

calculus and the ether,

Well, who was looking, I am.

Oh linen summer, prudent autumn,

Xeimona minimum,

H Life pays the donation of olive leaf

And at night inside of fools m’ a small cricket

Again awards of statutory Anelpistou.

Odysseus Elytis, "Laconic"

, 21March: World Poetry Day

A, eh Lavrenti, I only toxera what were you bastard,

Whats fake lucre, a lifetime in the lie

Koimou in peace, I will not come How to come take your time to muddy.

(Ego, a lifetime amid the silence will redeem

Very expensive and not at the cost of your sad Sarkis.)

Koimou in peace. As always you were alive: Good,

O brilliant man, the family man, the Patriot.

He would have it easy the first nor the last and da.

Manolis Anagnostakis, "Tombstone" (excerpt)

, 21March: World Poetry DayZavos blame our root!

Blame God hates us!

Blame our head hurt!

blame First’ from’ all wine!

Who is to blame; blame; None mouth

not VRE and not even the Fifth.

Kostas Varnalis, "The fatal" (excerpt)

, 21March: World Poetry Daythe days came to forty-four

and’ the days of forty-eight.

And’ from the Peloponnese as Larissa

deeper as the Kastoria,

on the map black Moles,

Greece is short anasainontas –

Easter in deserted Kozani measured,

how many were high, how many went

stone, twig, downhill,

the dark river.

Takis Sinopoulos, 'Funeral supper " (excerpt)

, 21March: World Poetry DayWood, oars broken,

two shipwrecked in’ a plank

fighting what other choke…

Was this remaining

from’ the large fleet of teenage friendship.

Titus Patrick, "Two shipwrecked"

, 21March: World Poetry DayOceania, father

dances immortals,

hear my voice,

and my soul commit

the Great pothon.

Glorious throne had

in Greece· tyrants

long held him,

Council today helped,

give me the throne.

When their Fool

I leave mortals, to accept

your patrikai agkalai·

my hope in your love

all supported.

Andreas Kalvos, (Lyre, ode tithe, "Ocean" (excerpt)

, 21March: World Poetry DayA memory passed sleep

From spring to summer went,

Heroes exact reverie,

And not baffled our minds

We broke hearts and spirits

As mythesketo our soul·

Tentomenoi Prof.’ our whole being

Akousame flatten goosebumps

Next year,

We did not see the creature rather nun

Na grazes beautiful charm

In just she donated God

exquisite spree

George Sarantaris, "Her exact reverie"

, 21March: World Poetry DayEfetos wild with’ edeiren the heavy winter

that m’ caught without fire and with’ HDPE without youth,

and at the time I look to collapse heavily

in snowy walker.

Ma yesterday together with tharrepse laughter of March

and pulled to regain t’ ancient paths,

the first moskovolima a distant Rose

me dakrisan eyes.

Kostis Palamas, "Rhodes moskovolima"

, 21March: World Poetry DayNanai like poking us with an air

to a feidoto road svei in Hai,

thee and thy hat painted fancy

a ribbon of, mad to greet.


And though blowing, pushing us along this air

over white 'of places and times until mou- -fos

-as madly will greet Keynes' the fancy ribbon,–

get out of the storm of this world ...

Giannis Skarimpas, "Imagination" (excerpt)

, 21March: World Poetry DayI experienced passions like a fire,

tada then wither and fade,

and m’ though absent escapes danger, I cried

about’ This fee is in all. Given the larger

ideal, after the’ renounced,

and were given back even more rampant. I felt

shame in front of well-dressed,

and deadly guilt for all the poor and humiliated,

I saw the youth has, rotting teeth,

I wanted to kill myself, from shyness or vanity,


quarreled for a span position, accused,

I did my duty by calculating, and another time,

no one can ask me

I cut small-small pieces myself and I divided

in dogs.

Now, I sit in the night and think, that maybe longer

I can write

one verse, real.

Tasos Livaditis, "Art" (excerpt)

, 21March: World Poetry DayHe was strangely beautiful, as Keynes

that their death has been distinguished.

Given the risks frichtoterous

as if something had secured the.

One morning, in a case Karyni

We found dead with a sign

the temple. It was all like a victory,

like light throwing around the dark.

He had such a simplicity and serenity,

a smiling form zontanemeni!

All like a thanksgiving anyway become.

And the cause of evil scarred.

Maria Polydouri, "In a young man who committed suicide" (excerpt)

, 21March: World Poetry DayThe,what went, rooted here, the same position, sad, speechless

as a large jar of home, once sold in hard times,

and in the corner of his room, where they stood the jar,

remaining gap thickened to the same shape of the jar, irremovable,

n’ sparkles transparent to glare, when once in a while open windows,

and within a vase, pouchei change the substance of

same with Mr.’ isoposin substance from’ crystal empty,

left again that same frame, little more painful sound only.

behind’ jar distinguish the color of the wall

darker, deeper, more dreamy,

like nameine shadow vase designed in a sarcophagus -

And, once, the night, in one hour silent,

or day, between speeches,

you hear a deep sound acid, bitter and stormy

as if an invisible finger sounded

Kane absent, sensitive, crystal container.

Giannis Ritsos, "Figure absence I."

, 21March: World Poetry DayBecause I deeply believed and glorified the land

and flee not stretched my secrets wings,

but olakeris erizosa my mind in silence,

to which bounces back to my thirst the source,

source of life, dancing fountain, source of pleasure…

Why I never logiasa when and how,

but evythisa my thoughts into Pasang hour,

as a means of hiding the countless purpose,

now that, Summer or around me or shower,

Lab’ The perfectly round time in my mind like a fruit,

rains from’ the depth t’ sky and into my fruit!…

Why not say: "Here life begins, here ends…»

but "if EIV’ rainy day, drags richer light…

but also the deeper the earthquake build bases,

what the living pulse of the land creates is hidden…»

to which, The,What Level ephemeral, like sygnefo analionei,

to which my brother Death great ginike!…

Angelos Sikelianos, "Because I deeply glorified"

, 21March: World Poetry DayWhats to do neotatoi, the handsome,

the tragikin puberty,

cracked crystal soul,

extinct flower, unripe broken wrist,

yellow color dawn melancholic;

It begins cloudy day,

m’ deadlock sky, heavy, loaded

storms overt and insidious.

Ti will make those, who have

nice, those terrible eyes

youth clean and adamant;


Whats make

teens, when so much

They know and can not hope,

as Arhin life;

life Karelli, "Youth difficult times' (excerpt)

, 21March: World Poetry DayAs transpacific singing and knitting

White on your body and the yellow funnels

Tired because the filthy waters of berths

You who loved distant sporades

You who raised his higher Bayrak

You who knitted xetharra the most dangerous Spilios

Hail left to be charmed from the sirens

Rejoice, never-afraid of clashing.

Andreas Embirikos, "Crank revolutions" (excerpt)

, 21March: World Poetry DayAlafroiskiote dear, tonight to tell what 'view·

Nychta giomati miracles, night strewn spell!

Without me in the slightest land, sky and sea to pnene,

Oyd’ Do both’ bee near the flower,

Round something undisturbed e.g.’ whitewash amid lake,

Munich anakatothike round moon,

And’ comes pretty maidens dressed in the light of.

Dionysios Solomos, "Temptation" (excerpt)

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