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24Nationwide Panygeionomiki hour strike Thursday 16 May

Workers strike tomorrow in Hospitals
Mobilize again on Thursday 16/5/2019 although a few days before the elections to highlight the plight of Public Health not reversed, because they cut ribbons on walls built………. Try from exhausted workers in Public Health, Welfare and EMS to achieve yperpleonasmata to distribute electoral poverty benefits.

With 5,2% Public Health Costs will remain enraptured by its commitments until the year 2022 can not anatathei the Public Health.

Degradation of quality of service for this and constantly mourn victims of health policies and further privatized system.

Hypocrisy government for Public Health is speaking today at a time when private health expenditure in 3,5% of GDP when the other EU countries the average is 1% of GDP. The private sector is booming advantage of the Hospital staff shortages and medical equipment.

Private Diagnostic Centers doing big business, 50 Hospitals do not have axial tomography, the 60% of the medical equipment is outdated. The Attiko Hospital lacks MRI. In 100 Health centers do not operate the X-ray and microbiological laboratories for lack of personnel or damage.
Hospitals lack basic medical specialties and hospital patients call private practitioners to address the health problem and paying out of their pocket.

Visits to hospitals Apogematina clinics are paid by the people's pockets.
Santorini Hospital serves as SA and charge exorbitant amounts of tourists and immigrants far above the government bill.

Hospital patients bring medications from home, supplies and surgical materials. The infrastructure and equipment of hospitals is in solution. 10 years have to invest. If there was donations the situation would be nightmarish. The radiotherapy have three months while waiting 10 Donate radiotherapy equipment in public hospitals the Niarchos Foundation.

Employees in Public Health, Providence, EMS receive starvation wages. 640 euro salary gets the newly appointed Nurse Higher Education and not the obvious integration in heavy and arduous professions although 3000 employees because of working conditions suffer from cancer or autoimmune diseases.

Since the elements of human resources, the Ministry of Public Administration, that December 2014 the Government of Syriza received permanent staff at the Health Ministry 79.535 and December 2018 the staff 78.688. From January until now retired and others 1.000 officials (GAO figures). Therefore permanent staff in the Ministry of Health decreased by 1.845.

no permanent staff notice was not the years 2017, 2018, 2019 although retired 3000 to retirement. The 1.100 positions are now proclaimed to replace the Subsidiary. Based ESYnet Information Ministry of Health of the Hospital staff today 6000 less compared to the year 2014.
The Public Health needs investment in human resources, medical equipment and infrastructure to stop people paying out of their pocket or participations either all costs.

Hospitals must 800.000 off and leave the nursing staff. In each one caused by 60 until 150 off and licenses.

In these situations for employees and patients and few do.
Thursday 16/5/2019 - 24 Panygeionomiki Nationwide Strike
9AM Gathering at Alexandra Hospital and march to the Ministry of Health

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