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How many places passed the time of a man; At most 25

The Department of Mathematics University researchers City of London, Technical University of Denmark and Sony Mobile Communications Company, led Dr Laura Alesantreti, about the date of publication in the journal Nature Human Behaviour, analyzed the geographical traces of mobile phones almost 40.000 people from around the world, extracting conclusions about the places people go more regularly.

It was found that people constantly explore new places and change their habits over time about where they go most often. They may find a new home, a new job, a new hangout (bar, restaurant etc.), a new fitness and so on. But what does not change, is the number of sites you regularly visit.

This "magic" number is 25

Whatever the life period of, on where you live, whether men or women, small or large, people have a "list" of 25 places the very, which usually spend their time. If either Party enters the list, another will come to keep the same number.
"People constantly balance between curiosity and our laziness. So, “υιοθετούμεκαι εγκαταλείπουμε μέρη όλη την ώρα. The unexpected result is that finally we visit a fixed number of places, not in’ need due to lack of time " said researcher Dr. Andrea Barontseli.
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