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25th of March – extra day’s salary: How March 25 is paid

The holiday of March 25, which this year (2021) coincides with Thursday, is defined by law as a mandatory holiday……

The GSEE and the Employee Information Center & Unemployed Confederation (KE.P.E.A. / GSEE), inform private sector employees about how to pay for the March 25 holiday.

On the days of compulsory holiday, the employment of employees and the operation of companies is prohibited, except those legally operating on Sundays and public holidays.

GSEE points out that offsetting due day off is not legal (day off), with a mandatory holiday.

Ως προς την αμοιβή της Πέμπτης 25ης Μαρτίου 2021:

- For businesses that do not operate

In companies that do not operate, the usual wage is paid without any surcharge to those who are paid a wage., while those who are paid a salary are paid their monthly salary.

- For companies that operate legally

The employees who will be employed are entitled:

1) if they are paid a daily wage, their usual paid wage and surcharge 75% which will be calculated in their legal hourly wage for as many hours as they work

2) in case the employees are paid a monthly salary:

a) in the case of businesses that are late on Sundays and public holidays and will operate exceptionally on March 25, due to 1/25 of their normally paid salary and additional surcharge 75% on the legal wage for as many hours as they work

b) in the case of businesses operating legally on Sundays and other public holidays, only increase is due 75%, calculated at 1/25 of their legal salary for as many hours as they work.

If favorable conditions apply (e.g. from BIP, Labor Regulations, Business habit or custom) as to the increases in the remuneration for work on a mandatory holiday or Sunday, they prevail.

It is noted that the above concerns the general framework for regulating its remuneration 25 Of March, given the continued validity of emergency pandemic measures.

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