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5 morning drive-Matte skin rejuvenation!!

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Also it is necessary to implement targeted formulations will sustain more hydrated and at the end of a busy day.

view 5 movements-mate:

1. purifying

Originally moisten your face with water, Apply a small amount of special product and make small circular movements with the fingers at each point. So not only effectively remove the greasiness, but activated and blood circulation.

2. Stimulation

To keep your makeup intact all day, pour a small amount of lotion to a cotton ball and apply to the face. Remove any residue from the cleaner, restores skin pH to normal levels, tightens pores and helps to easily penetrate the ingredients of moisturizing products on the skin.

3. Seroum

Continue spreading a small amount over face. Thanks to targeted action prepares the skin to accept and to better absorb the ingredients of other toiletry maximizing their action. Moisturize and gives the skin tightening, stimulates production of collagen and elastin and enhances protection of the skin.

4. Hydration

To create the perfect base for makeup to follow, invest in a rich cream that keeps the skin fresh throughout the day, while giving the vigorous appearance.

5. Cover

Instead von de TEN, the morning invest in a lightweight composition, such as a CC cream (Color Correcting) hides imperfections and also protects the skin from solar radiation and external attacks.

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