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5 techniques to change the annoying habits of your partner

in-our partner, We are trying to do everything to keep this amazing climate and do everything.

But they still exist and some annoying elements, Habits in-our female partner, which would say that "tsitonoun" our nerves. Yet there are ways of communication for those same items before we lose our patience and finally quarrel with our relationship. the 5 steps we can follow is the following:

1. Talk with understanding: Talk to your syntrofo in a way that shows your understanding. Your behavior is authentic and warm with them, but also make known clearly what behaviors annoy.

2. Make a deal: You can suggest a mutually beneficial exchange that will satisfy both. Share with them what, what would you like to do instead of the behaviors that bother you, be open to accept changes and will want those of you.

3. find motivation: Find out what might motivate your partner to change and stick with new behaviors. They might see it as a bad habit, και ότι μπορεί προκαλέσει άλλες δυσκολίες στη ζωή τους. Clarify these incentives to change behavior is so useful in order to keep their sygkekntromenous it and thus increases the chances of project success.

4. Avoid punishment: Nobody is perfect. Your partner will sneak up on some cases (like you). When this happens, try to avoid blame or punishment. Instead of punishment you can incentivize back to more positive attitudes to exit both beneficiaries.

5. Reward the good behavior: When your partner responds with a successful way to change the behavior that suggest, πρέπει σίγουρα να του δείξετε την εκτίμησή σας. This will contribute to strengthening and mobilization for further positive behaviors. With tiparodo time, annoying habits will be replaced by behaviors, which will satisfy both the same way.

In the details may generally be small if you let me make a beautiful relationship evolve at worst there. The aim is to understand quickly about what is to blame, what is wrong, for there is a time and how to correct any problems. If unfortunately things did not have the necessary attention, They can very easily get out of control and result in irreversible condition.
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