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5+1 Tips for solo travelers!! Experience that can change radically in!!

The experience of traveling alone can change radically in. You're bound to come up against your true nature, to cope on your own in any difficulty and enjoy every moment of your trip, without friends. Many characterize redemptive!!……….

Lonely travelers is a new trend, developed in recent years, attracting more and more enthusiastic fans.

If you are ready to make your suitcase and dive into the adventure, keep in mind these practical tips to feel more secure and confident.

1. Secure accommodation and transfers

both you, and your loved ones, staying behind, you will feel better if you know before the journey, the exact route and the respective dates. It is convenient to have the hotel's phone, especially if you are traveling in a foreign country, where your cell phone may not work. Pre-book a taxi or bus, that will pick you up right after your arrival, It will save you a great stress. On the other hand a good solution is to consult the people you meet, while traveling, for what is the best way to get to your hotel. If you have pre-booked sure refundable, if you find a better way transfer.

2. Plan your arrival in morning hours

Especially for women, who have a greater fear when they are alone in a foreign place at night, It is more convenient to get to your destination, early in the morning or even one hour, when the sun is still high. You are sure to find more people willing to help you, giving you information and additional routes of transport is most often.

3. Respect the local culture

Before setting off on your journey, make a survey of the site, you are visiting. In some countries matter even clothing, which should be more humble to not offend the locals. Take along more clothes in case you need to wear something more to cover some parts of your body. Because you do not want to draw unwanted attention, let revealing clothes and jewelry at home.

4. Make friends in your hotel

Take some time to talk to Receptionist or the hotel owner, you reside. Not just to give you useful advice, such as what are the hotspot area, and to develop a more intimate relationship, that will make you feel more intimate. In this way you will gain their attention, in case something goes wrong.

5. Trust your instincts

Many times we are so busy in our daily life, so we do not give importance to our instinct, but for a solitary trip will be an important guide to your health and safety. If you find yourself in a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable, find an excuse and apochoriste. If it is late and the return walk to your hotel looks scary, then call a taxi. Your body has ways of warning against bad choices, all you need to tune in and listen.

5+1. Last but not least, overcame the fear of freedom ...!

Yes, της απόλυτης ελευθερίας που νιώθεις όταν είσαι μόνος και άγνωστος μεταξύ αγνώστων σε άγνωστο μέρος. Μη σκέφτεσαιείμαι μόνος -Παναγιά μου- to foreign, What am I going to do;” και σκέψου “perfect, έχω τόσα πολλά να ανακαλύψω -I’m the king of the world” (Okay, a little far fetched, αλλά yοu get the point). In other words, just zis' the!!

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