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6 cool summer drinks and flat belly ...!!

A frozen lemonade sounds as ideal on hot summer days, but it is advisable to keep in mind, that along with the dew will offer us .... calories!! view, what are the 6 summer drinks……

beyond that dew will give you ... belly-board!! But do not worry at all because the lemonade is not the only solution.

To cool off and keep a flat belly, We suggest you 6 unique summer drinks to the drink in the glass…..

1. Watermelon Smoothie

If you make your smoothie sugar, this drink may be your daily cool delight with visible results in your flat belly. The smoothie with watermelon flavor is not only moisturizing and cooling source, because the watermelon itself contains a large amount of water, but yet unique nutrients, including the likopenio that acts against cancer. Arginine not, Watermelon helps to reduce fat and increase muscle mass.

2. Infused water

It may not sound as tempting taste, but keeps the body hydrated and keeps perfect amount of liquid needed to operate, without having to drink huge quantities of water, that inflate your belly. fresh herbs, fruit or even one slice of lemon or lime, do the boring water look like ... slimming cocktail.

3. Iced mint tea

The iced tea with mint flavor is a breath of freshness for the summer months and it is super effective 'plank' belly. Mint has the capacity to help the stomach to digest and process the fat, so we do not have the unpleasant effects of puffiness.

4. Frappe with taste… pineapple

Swap the classic afternoon coffee with a pineapple frappe, which contains two amazing ingredients that make your belly flat. A tablespoon of linseed oil adds monounsaturated fatty acids, demonstrably contribute to a flat belly, while bromelain, containing pineapple, the enzyme is exactly what helps to "break" proteins, facilitating digestion, and expelling the swelling away.

5. Green tea

Besides reducing the risk of cancer and heart diseases, Green tea contains catechins, ie antioxidant substances such surveys have shown help reduce the fat that accumulates in the abdomen. If indeed drink some green tea before your established workout, these compounds can boost your burning.

6. dark chocolate drink

Yes, So we can be started from flavored water, but it's time chocolate, But the black chocolate has a higher cocoa content.

indeed, This not only helps but prevents the accumulation of fat because it increases the feeling of satiety in the body resulting in "cuts", essentially appetite.

Course with 400 calories has, this drink is more than refreshing breath meal and for this very reason it is ideal for a morning full of energy, taste .. ... flat belly!!


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