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alien concept for transporting drugs in Mykonos

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The arrest of a 22 year old foreigner made, noon today, members of the Special Operations Platform - Narcotics Office of the Port Authority of Mykonos, για παράβαση του Ν.4139/2013περί εξαρτησιογόνων ουσιών και…… άλλες διατάξεις”.
Specifically, a check carried out by the above strains with the police drug detection dog operator assistance OS-EL.AKT. in New Port Mykonos ”ΤΟΥΡΛΟΣ”, found in possession of 22-year old arrested and specifically under the seat of the two-wheel motorcycles that led and which had no license driving ability, one blue nylon bag containing a white bag of raw hemp total gross weight of one hundred eighty-eight grams (188gr).
By the relevant port authority conducting the preliminary investigation, They seized the drug and the bike.

, alien concept for transporting drugs in Mykonos

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