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800-euro benefit: Allowance up to 800 euro – When do payments start? – The whole schedule

The institutional procedure for the submission of responsible declarations for the suspension of employment contracts of employees per reference month, provides for its realization by companies and employees within the month following the reference month, given the different start and end of suspensions of employment contracts within the month, but also of different employees, whose employment contracts may be suspended, according to the Labor Department……….

For closed companies, the suspended employee registration platform opens on 15.11.2020 and closes on 24.11.2020 and payments start on 27.11.2020 and will be completed by 7.12.2020.

For affected businesses, declarations begin at 15.11.2020 and close on 4.12.2020 and payments will be made gradually from 7.12.2020.

Suspended employees will receive 800 euro (proportional).

Support for professionals through a repayable advance payment

The sole proprietorships and self-employed persons belonging to the affected KAD will receive through the repayable advance payment 1.000 euro.

Respectively, individual and self-employed professionals who close by state order will receive 2.000 euro through a refundable deposit. Everyone is entitled to a mandatory rent reduction (those affected and those closed by state order) .

Therefore the schedule is as follows :

Statements of employers - employees in companies closed by state order :

  • from 15 November to 24 November

Payments of employees in companies closed by state order :

  • from 27 November to 7 December

Statements of employers - employees in open - affected companies:

  • from 15 November to 4 December

Payments of employees in open - affected companies:

  • Gradually from 7 December onwards

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