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"8a Diles": At 05 October the Mykonian celebration of athletics

For the 8th consecutive year EAS Cyclades Athletics Federation and the AO. Μυκόνου διοργανώνουν τους αναπτυξιακούς αγώνες στίβου “Diles”…..

Therein supporters have once again the South Aegean Region and the Municipality of Mykonos.

The matches will be held at 5 October in Korfos Municipal Stadium – Mykonos and addressed to athletes from all clubs in the Cyclades, but also boys and girls from all the islands which do not belong to an association but can participate as representatives of their island or their schools.

in 8 years that these races held have participated many athletes who in the coming years distinguished and staffed national team, like the Melina Kastrinos (OFI), Michael Pappas (AFC Dodona), Mary Cavaliers (Pannaxiakos) etc..

Therein they are expected to take part and athletes from clubs of Athens and elsewhere in Greece.

This year the organizers aspire to shoot down the record number – weather permitting – that is near to 600 athletes from 2016.

, "8a Diles": At 05 October the Mykonian celebration of athletics

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