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Aegean Islands: 15.615 applications for participation in the new educational activities of KEK Gennimata of Region N.. Aegean

The first round of seminars starts on February 1st
The interest and the registrations in the new free seminars of KEK Gennimata of the South Aegean Region for 2021 have reached impressive levels………

5.782 our fellow citizens from 39 different islands of the Dodecanese and the Cyclades submitted 15.615 applications

The first cycle begins with creation 133 educational departments for 36 different subject areas.

This is the image that was formed, until the 15 January, when, after the necessary extension due to increased and daily receipt of applications, the online registration process has been completed.

So, the K.E.K.. Gennimatas of the South Aegean Region with many years of experience and presence in the implementation and management of educational programs for the unemployed and employees makes on February 1 a very dynamic start for the 2021 with the start of the first cycle of new educational activities for the Dodecanese and the Cyclades.

The whole map of the sections and the thematic fields will be posted on the website of KEK at the address: www.katartisi-pnai.gr, in order the citizens, who have already expressed interest, to apply for membership in the department / departments, they wish.

It is also noted that in the coming days the integration of new departments in this first cycle will follow, while the preparation for the realization of the second cycle of educational actions - training seminars has already started.

The actions are carried out in the framework of the projects "Actions, update, education and training in the Dodecanese and Cyclades "with funding from the South Aegean Region and are offered free of charge to all interested.

Following the developments and based on the new training requirements, due to the COVID pandemic 19, the K.E.K.. will implement distance learning programs online with the e-learning system (with the method of modern education), for the absolute safety of participants and trainers.

Information through the website of KEK at the address: www.katartisi-pnai.gr

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