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Aegean islands – John February: Open Stores – Open Horizons

You can see positive energy in the first smiles you meet at the entrance of the stores from professionals and employees.. The opening of stores is objectively an important step back to normalcy and the "revitalization" of the local economy in the islands of the South Aegean.………….

The business world and the business world are eagerly awaiting the opening. Let us all keep that, without focusing on the concerns of several of our fellow citizens for any future lockdown with new restrictive measures in a short time. We look "forward" with hope and it is certain that we avoid such a development.

So all together, trade and consumers let us take the necessary measures and support the great effort of the South Aegean Region to be one step ahead of the fight against the pandemic, the smooth opening of businesses and the gradual return to normalcy.

The Development Directorate and the Department of Commerce of the Region are aware of the situation, is aware of the difficulties of the vast majority of commercial and business activities that entice employees and many other professionals in similar fields as the sectors of the economy are connected with them.

From the first day of reopening of the stores, the Deputy Regional Governor Mr.. Giannis Flevaris with the Head of the Department of Commerce Mr.. Christos Karaisaridis and members of the Service are in the market to stand close to the commercial world and consumers and to give the message that the Regional Governor and the Regional Authority with its Services support the opening of the economy and the gradual transition to normalcy and mainly to a successful tourist season, proportions as this is the great expectation in our islands that are the backbone of the Greek economy and the national tourism product. As the 2020 few expected that there would be a tourist season, we in our Region believed it, we set it as a goal and we achieved it. We will do the same 2021 with a strong ally the start of vaccinations in which we must all participate as soon as possible.

At the same time, the shopkeepers and those in charge of the operation of the companies are informed about practical issues of the last legislative regulation published in the Official Gazette..

It is very important for everyone to know that it is mandatory to post at the entrance of each store a legible sign that will indicate the maximum number of customers allowed inside the store. Depending on the size of the store, one customer per person is allowed 25 sq.m.. This number does not include employees but only customers.

Many shopkeepers ask our Service why there is a misunderstanding that employees are included in the space restriction but this concerns the customers by of course observing the measures and the distances between all the persons inside a store.

The fines are strict and amount to 300 € for not placing a sign at the entrance and is even stricter for violating the restriction of one customer per 25 sq.m..

For example in a store 35 sq.m. only one customer is allowed. In a shop 75 sq.m. are allowed 3 customers and so on. Those entrepreneurs who read these lines should immediately post the sign and inform customers about the measures in force because from the next period the Services not only of the Region but of all Authorities are obliged to implement the relevant legislation..

The statement of Mr. is typical for the issue of opening the stores. February to traders, employees and consumers "Good opening with special support from our local businesses and our traders, of the people next door. We are expecting a successful tourist season soon because in the Region and in our islands and we want and we can ".

John February
South Aegean

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