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Aegean Islands: The Regional Council of N is meeting. Aegean via video conference

Invitation to the 5th meeting of the Regional Council
He invited you to the meeting of the Regional Council of the South Aegean that will take place the manufacture 29 May 2020 and time 10:45 am. In a teleconference (Through the implementation of social networking, video calling is possible and according to the attached new instructions) σύµφωνα µε :……….
-the article 10 par.1 of from 11 Of March 2020 Action of a Legislative Content (Government Gazette 55 / t.A) "Urgent measures to counteract the negative consequences of the Covid-19 corona occurrence and the need to limit their spread"

-No. 18318 / 13-3-2020 document of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs “Convening of collective bodies of the municipalities, regions and their supervisors, while taking COVID-19 Coronary Avoidance and Dissemination Measures "

The following Theoretical Agenda will be discussed at the meeting:

Financial support of EKAB for the non-injection coverage of additional positions of drivers and nurses in its installments, South Aegean.

rapporteur: George Chatziarkos, Region

Update on the article 93 of Law. 4685/2020, on the establishment of a Special Regional Range FOISA N. Aegean.

rapporteur: George Chatziarkos, Region

Health equipment supplies to health facilities in the South Aegean Region

rapporteur: Evi Aristeidou, General Manager of Internal Operations

Information on the rules of operation of the olive mills and the exercise of the audit role of the services of the Region N. Aegean.

rapporteur :Filion Zannetidis, Vice-Regional of the Primordial Toys

Approval of a new plan for the Programmatic Meeting of Cultural Development for the execution of the project “Multipurpose Cultural Center for Museum and Educational Use in the Old School at the Castle of Chora Astypalea: Phase A ", Between the Ministry of Culture and Sports, Municipality of Astypalea and the South Aegean Region and the abolition of no.. 78/2019 Decision

rapporteur: Manolis Mousellis, District Governor of Kalymnos

4the Change of Budget and Technical Program of the Cyclades Economic Year 2020

Speakers: Antonis Louvaris Head of DIAP Cyclades and Athena Kalliga, Head of the Economic Budget Department of the Cyclades

4the Modification of the Technical Program and Budget of the Dodecanese Economic Year 2020

rapporteur: Triantaphyllos Karagiannis, Head of the Department of Economics
.Ωδ / σου

Prohibition of issuing building permits and construction of projects within the transit zone of the project “Improvement - Expanding E.O.. Rhodes - Lindos, Travel from Kolipia to Lindos »according to the provisions of P.. 209/1998 (Government Gazette 169A).

rapporteur: Nikolaos Lypeperopoulos, Head of Research Studies, Directorate of Technical Works of Dodecanese

Approval of the 1st amendment of the Intermediate Agreement between the Region of South Aegean and the Municipality of Syros-Erioupolis for the implementation of the project “Maintenance- Repair of Sports Facilities in Vari, Syros Island »

rapporteur: George Leontaritis, Antiperifereiarchis Cyclades

TOPIC 10th
Approval of the modification of the program of the Program Agreement between the Region of South Aegean, Municipal Port Authority of Leros and the island of Agathonisi for the implementation of the act: Supportive Studies and Final Study of the project "Expansion of the Lithuanian Agathonisi Pier", of no. 64/2020 decision of the Regional Council.

rapporteur: Nikolaos Lypeperopoulos, Head of Research Studies, Directorate of Technical Works of Dodecanese

TOPIC 11th
Validation of practices of the 3rd /30-4-2020 meeting of the Regional Council

The meeting will take place at a teleconference, Through the application of social networking, video calling is possible (zoom application). An e-mail will be accompanied by an instructional document on the above application..

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