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After covid vaccination: What are the critical days after the first dose of coronavirus vaccination?!! What the experts say!!

The Chairman of the Vaccination Committee, Maria Theodoridou, explained why the elderly in the nursing home in Maroussi got coronavirus even though they have been vaccinated. Answers to why people have already done it vaccine against coronavirus, they may eventually become infected with the virus…..

given by the Chair of the Vaccination Committee, Maria Theodoridou, on the occasion of the above 40 coronavirus outbreaks located in nursing home in the Maroussi, although everyone who is sick has already done so vaccine.
In fact, in his case nursing home in the Maroussi, most of 10 inmates have been transferred extraordinary in hospitals, as their condition is serious.
OR Maria Theodoridou during update for the course of his pandemic coronavirus clarified that the period after the first vaccination there is a very important possibility o vaccinated to get sick.
"During the first vaccination there is a window of infection of the person who has been vaccinated. The risk of infection steadily decreases after the 12th day after the first dose. The 1st dose provides antibodies to 52% of cases. These are created from the day of vaccination to reach the 15th day at a protective level that reaches the 52%. For this reason, the Lady Theodoridou explained that it is necessary to do after 21 days the second dose of the vaccine.
"It is necessary to follow after 21 days the second dose of vaccination without undue delay so that each vaccinated person can acquire immunity. With the administration of the second dose, the effectiveness of the vaccine exceeds 95% "explained Mrs.. Theodoridou.
Specifically for them elderly people or Maria Theodoridou noted that "although in this population group there is a relative aging of the immune system, with this vaccine the response is particularly satisfactory and better than younger individuals. That is why the administration of the 2nd dose is crucial ". OR Mrs. Theodoridou clarified that Greece fully adheres to the policy followed in the Pfizer clinical trials, and grants them 2 vaccine doses with difference 21 days.

The instructions of EODY

THE PHEA in the official web page of, explains in detail when he develops protection from coronavirus whoever does it vaccine. specifically mentions: "Most vaccines for the young coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 to be approved by the competent control mechanisms shall be issued to two doses with an interval 21-28 days in order to be effective. There is vaccine in a clinical phase trial 3 administered in a single dose. the vaccines that will finally get approval for circulation in Greece will determine in how many doses they will be administered and with what interval.

To develop one antibodies after the administration of a vaccine it takes about a while two weeks. If the vaccine requires two doses for an adequate antibody response, then the total time it takes to be armored the person vaccinated against the virus is, taking into account all of the above, about 5-6 weeks.

As to how long it protects the vaccine from coronavirus EODY notes: "It is not clear yet how long the immunity lasts offered the vaccine against the young coronavirus. This is a new virus and a new vaccine and with the data from the clinical trials so far we do not know the duration of protection it offers us.. With the release of the new SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus vaccine and the vaccination of more people we will soon have more data to answer this question.

Both the duration of natural immunity, i.e. immunity after infection of the individual by the virus, as well as the duration of immunity resulting from vaccination with the new coronavirus vaccine are the subject of investigation and new data are expected over time. ".

In addition, EODY recommends everyone to implement the measures precaution for coronavirus still and after him vaccination: "According to the available data, its first dose vaccine does not provide the required protection. That is why vaccinated people should continue to use the mask, the observance of social distance, the regular and meticulous hygiene of the hands and the cleanliness of the place where they live or work. An opposite practice can lead to a new outbreak of cases, unfortunate fact as humanity has already been severely tested by this pandemic ", states on its website.

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