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arbitrarily: Margin 5 months to settle otherwise…demolition summarily!!

Until 9 November, if nothing changes in legislation or given a new extension, have ιδιοκτήτες με αυθαίρετα margin to make the necessary actions for their settlement based applicable law 4495/2017.…..

Those owners make in arranging arbitrary within the specified period, both will not pay increased by 10% fines foreseen in amendment of the Environment Ministry and other, spared demolition, well after the deadline, They are not arbitrarily arranged and detected by controls, will be demolished.

What is the cost of administration fees

In 100 installments payment - Who qualifies for a discount

The cost for arranging arbitrary can be paid in 100 doses.

Furthermore, term unemployed will pay the 30% fines and beneficiaries of the solidarity program 20%.

If the static adequacy procedures completed, provided:

  • decrease 30% in seismic risk areas 1 (Macedonia and Thrace),
  • decrease 50% in seismic risk areas 2 (Attica, Dodecanese and Eastern Aegean) and
  • decrease 60% in seismic risk areas 3 (Ionian islands).

In what have been arbitrarily upgrading energy It provides for a reduction of fines from 30% until 50% depending on the square.

The height of the parabolic shaped as follows:

  • Έως και 100 sq.m. 250 euro
  • over 100 until 500 sq.m. 500 euro
  • over 500 until 2.000 sq.m. 1.000 euro
  • over 2.000 until 5.000 sq.m. 4.000 euro

According to data from the tee, the process received a total of some 2,4 billion. euro by about 1,3 million. arbitrarily.

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