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arbitrarily: Which buildings in grassland or forest preserved - Everything you need to know about keeping them

A species conservation those buildings are not located in protected areas, and if they meet certain criteria are expected to have forest owners arbitrary.

This is one of the proposals being examined by the Ministry of Environment, in an effort to handle the hot potato of residential densification.

indeed, in the RIS design there and suspension of forest maps were temporarily exempted, Data of the Council of State decision on the unconstitutionality of the law Tsironi.

result, όπως τονίζουν πηγές στονΕλεύθερο Τύπο της Κυριακής”, subsequent maps posts extended for March, when he has submitted to Parliament the polynomoschedio.

Among the issues to be solved is to increase the objections committees, disengagement of the property after the relevant audit will be conducted and the claims of the State against the citizens, which sometimes seem unreasonable.

As explained by the Secretary General of the Natural Environment and Water of RIS Constantine Aravosis, aim of the Ministry is to all legal procedures complied, which will comply with both the requirements of the State Council and with environmental legislation.

In this context, will be hanging forest maps in regions that had temporarily excluded due to their classification as residential densification and a second phase, Presidential Decree explaining individual details, It will be examined case by case each thickening.

For example, if a property is located in the forest area, which is classified Natura, it is impossible to maintain ....

Conversely, the public may not be Claims cases such Patmos which was classified mostly as forestry, despite the fact that all that is brushwood.

"Those who were in residential thicken both can bring objections and to qualify for an adjustment to non katedafisteoi considered to be checked case by case ' Mr. explains. Aravosis.

What must however wait citizens;

In March, when deposited polynomoschedio the Ministry of Environment, citizens should take paper and pencil he will come again in protest rhythms.

The one category of citizens will be those who were excluded from the municipalities within the residential densification and the limits that were tabled.

They will have the opportunity to submit their objection and claim their property against the State.

The second category concerns the areas that do not map the mounting process has progressed and the tools they have at their disposal, except that the objections, are the applications for manifest errors.

Second chance

Important provision to include the bill is of course the second chance to those people not lodged objections, believing that their municipality will enter the process in time to send the settlement boundaries and residential thicken.

So, owners 24 municipalities, left limbo, will enable the new setting to take objection and consequently reclaim their property against the State.

As stated by Mr.. Aravosis, those maps have already been posted and partially ratified will not "to disturb" as they have in a sense closed and the only change is to add as many regions were excluded.

In each case, RIS sources indicate that the leadership does not want regulation that will bring to be unconstitutional and thus, before being presented the proposal, will get the green light CoE and then will be forwarded to the Parliament for enactment.

objections committees

The mess about 170.000 objections are on the committees drawers expected to solve the Ministry of Environment in the year since it will double its committees (from 140 currently reach the 300) and provide incentives to finally run the process.

Alongside, when a motion is completed and typically, not a citizen have to wait to ratify the charter in the area but the document you receive will proceed to a sale or transfer of the property.

This process thus far remained on the ice and had brought wealth reactions both from professionals and from individuals who lived with "tied hands".

But in order to unblock all this, will motivate three-member committees, which will consist of the president who is forester, the second member is a lawyer and the third will be an agronomist or engineer or surveyor.

In particular there will be a ceiling minimum number of objections per month for each committee and the money you will get will be relevant to consider objections.

The objection, however,, Committees from side to delay is that members have parallel obligations arising from the administration of their services, given the staffing thereof: non-prioritization of the opposition examination work, low feed flow to oppose the ESRP from Forestry Addresses given the large number received opposition and necessity of processing and structure as recommended, in combination with low management official.

The above is intensified in regions along the same staff and the same time has to deliver visibility and advocacy of property rights of the Greek State Cadastral underway (statements-objections, lawsuits, new board, technical and vocational subject, unmotivated).

What is the situation today

According to the clues, that:

• Considered, ie. mapped all the areas under development, 71.316.096 ha. namely 54,04%.

• Suspended, ie. publicly-opposition to submission, except dwelling thickenings, 67.290.486 ha. namely 50,99%.

> Other statistics:

• The areas excluded from the suspension amounted to 4.025.610 ha. namely 5,64% the whole area was.

• Trained forest maps that are pending for suspension, 1.432.039 ha. namely 1,08%.

• Remaining forest maps to training and boarded a control stage for a visa to be posted, 57.466.064 ha. namely 43,55%.

Conclusion that areas posted and ratified before 2016 (entry into force of the V. 4389/2016) amount to 1.436.3591 ha. and 1,09% territory.

The total certified forest maps relating to 58.471.766 ha. and percentage 44,31%.


• Αριθμός αντιρρήσεων: 162.256

• Number of requests manifest error has been promoted as acceptable in the ESRP: 12.462

• Total number of the above: 174.718

• Total number tested: 9.289

• pending: 165.429.

It is worth noting that these relate to areas for which they have ratified (partly) forest maps, ie. 60.489.959 ha. After measuring the area of ​​the above total edafotemachion Requests (objections and manifest error), the extent that the disputed forest character through them is 2.411.207 ha. and percentage 3,99% reference on the surface of the tension areas.

> Next posts forest maps

on islands the Ionian of the Aegean sea but also in areas in Crete, Evros, Rodopi, Blonde, Grevena, Kastoria, Florina, Arta, Preveza, Thesprotia, Aitoloakarnania, Evritania, Fthiotida, Boeotia, Argolis and Corinth will be hanging forest maps in March.

As noted sources from the Ministry, the short delay (They were submitted to the first two months of the year) is due to the fact that leadership prefers to come upon the setting to be a complete sentence and later proceed any leftovers.

How to find your property in the land

To see the citizen forestry map should be put on the register website (https://www.ktimanet.gr).

The citizen can seek his property focusing on aerial photographs or using its coordinates.

If he does not know how to do it, you should seek help from a forester or engineer.

Those who do not have Internet access should contact either the suspension support points of the forest map on Forestry of the area or in a special scientist (surveyor or forester).

The objection is submitted electronically through the same website.

Subsequently, issued a payment account number of the objection fee, which is paid to the bank.

Within 24 hours of the payment of the application fee objection enshrined gets registration number.

After upholding the objection to the payment of the fee, interested parties should contact a surveyor to prepare a topographic chart with the coordinates of the property.

Alongside, You should consult a forester, who will determine whether their land is Forest, Woodland, grassland Others, but also to work with a lawyer who will draft the text of the objections, with which to establish a legitimate interest, and will prepare the documents.

other useful information

Since the area is designated DA or XA (and there is private grassland), then you:

1 submit free application to your local forestry office or acquisition of land, if the clearing has been pre 1975, or use (approval of intervention) extent, if the clearing is done by 2007.

> If you request redemption, then you will need to post the Forestry:

• Αίτηση εξαγοράς.

• Topographical graph vertices coordinates, based on the National Geodetic Reference System (EGSA 87).

• Proof of use of land before 1975.

> If you request using (approval of intervention), then you will need to post the Forestry:

• Αίτηση χρήσης (approval of intervention).

• Topographical graph vertices coordinates, based on the National Geodetic Reference System (EGSA 87).

2 submit free application for membership of an obvious error of the forest map.

• To submit an application manifest error free through a special application that exists on the Internet at the website EKCHA SA, www.ktimatologio.gr.

• To file a free application manifest error directly to the Forestry Department in your area.

3 submit objection on the character of the area. The objections submitted if there is doubt about the photo interpretation has become the forest map and character shown in this.

• The object is reduced fees up 80% compared with the past and present in the CMD 151585/323/3.2.2017 (Gov. Second 347/08.02.2017).

• In the same JMD there are cases where the objections are submitted incompletely (for example, klirotemachia of distribution which are shown as DA or XA map).

Από την ειδική έκδοση για τα ΑΚΙΝΗΤΑ τουΕλεύθερου Τύπου της Κυριακής

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