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Self knowledge: A long journey of self search

It is important both for the individual and for broader society.

Exploring our true selves

As the word itself indicates, self-knowledge is the knowledge that one has of himself as a whole: external and internal characteristics, strength, mental status, mental state. To meet all aspects of yourself is difficult and often painful, but inevitably necessary for your development and your happiness. Because the man who constantly explores himself and his abilities, seeking to improve as personality and improve their interpersonal relationships, and can more easily move to desired changes in his life.

Self-knowledge is a not so easy internal process, It is like a long journey that lasts a lifetime. The investigation process of your real self is the one that gives you can the love, living through your own choices, without others to exploit your weaknesses (because we all have weaknesses) and to manipulate for their own interests. Simultaneously, not intimidated by the need to show in your environment an "ideal" but your false image.

The cognitive aspect of self-awareness

OR self-perception is the cognitive aspect of self-awareness is a kind of evaluation we make ourselves. It regards the view we have of ourselves and our abilities and for our image to others. Sure, sometimes the picture we have of ourselves is not realistic for several reasons. The self-perception occurs gradually as we age, resists change because the perceptions we have of ourselves is very stable and it takes time for any change and, end, It is so dynamic that guides our behavior.

The emotional aspect of self-awareness

The emotional aspect of self is represented by self esteem, which shows the extent to which you accept or not yourself and your choices. It concerns the impression we have about our worth and the knowledge that we deserve to be accepted by our environment and be loved for who we are. The acceptance of oneself is the basis of our mental balance and helps us to maintain healthy interpersonal relationships. As the self-concept so esteem gradually clear, as we age, through our relationship with our family but also with other important people in our lives, and through our experiences. But depending on the support and encouragement we have received in the past and we continue to receive from the people we have around us.

Our self-esteem can be high with features like:

  • Responsibility for our actions.
  • Optimism, boldness, self-control, internal balance.
  • Resistance to negative reviews and rejection.
  • Respect for others and ourselves.

But can our self-esteem is low with features like:

  • Feeling of inferiority and insecurity, diffuse anxiety.
  • Low resistance to partnerships.
  • Permanent search of confirmation from others.
  • social integration difficulty with intense feelings of loneliness.
  • Feelings of frustration for the turn of one's life.
  • Focus on the negative aspects of a situation.
  • Lack of confidence in his personal opinions and options.
  • Disturbances in concentration, Sleep and nutrition.

The mental health specialist may intervening in our way of thinking help us in this exploration of ourselves, to recognize him and to accept him, strengthen our self-esteem and to use our skills and our abilities to our advantage, creating an environment around us that makes us happy and gives us the opportunity to further evolve.


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