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AI Portraits App: FaceApp application converts selfie in classic portraits!!

Not had time to settle the tumult of rabies of internautes, of 'astronaut virtual world ",……

To use the application FaceApp to "see" themselves in advanced old age – and reactions to breach of privacy – and a new trend is rising: Applying AI Portraits App created by researchers at MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab and can turn your selfie into a classic portrait, worthy to seek entry into prestigious museum.

In his case aiportraits.com, Artificial Intelligence undertakes to change the image of your face, so as to resemble a classic portrait. This portrait shows after use 45.000 images and tables classic style, to be able to produce a result from the past.

The algorithm developed by IBM's Watson's creators, in collaboration with MIT.

Anyone can upload a photograph of and based on that algorithm in order to see an artistic representation of his face. Worth anyone tried, since all the images produced are of exceptional aesthetic.

The machine is based on works by Rembrandt, Van Gogh, and other large and famous painters who have left their mark in art.

Of interest is the fact that the algorithm can not capture smiles. The researchers report that the classical painters not painted smiles, because that alter facial features, thereby identify the tables with more comic creations.

The researchers loaded tens of thousands of portraits from the early Renaissance to the Modern Art to help "education" of Generative Adversarial Network (BOTH) models.

The website states that there are no other motives other than to teach users about art.

"Your photos are sent to our servers to produce portraits. We will not use data from your photos for any other purpose and we will delete / “put out” immediately 'clarified to emphasize the difference by applying FaceApp, which allows the user to "move many years, in future 'own picture or photo of another.

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